Professor John Jowett

Professor John Jowett

Shakespeare Institute
Professor of Shakespeare Studies, Deputy Director of The Shakespeare Institute

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+ 44 (0)121 414 9507
The Shakespeare Institute
Mason Croft
Church Street
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My teaching and research focuses mainly on Shakespeare and early modern drama, with particular reference to editing and all areas of textual study.


  • BA (Hons), and MA (Distinction), Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • PhD (Liverpool)


Born in Lancashire, I took my BA and MA at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and my PhD at Liverpool University. My doctoral thesis was an edition of Henry Chettle’s Tragedy of Hoffman. As I was completing, I took up a position with Oxford University Press as an academic editor of the landmark 1986-7 Oxford edition of Shakespeare's Complete Works. I then spent five years lecturing at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. Afterwards, I taught for a year in the Department of English Literature at Glasgow University, before being appointed to the Shakespeare Institute in 1993.


My teaching is mainly at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon, where I take classes for the MA programmes and supervise research students. I also contribute regularly to the teaching of Shakespeare and early modern literature in the English Department. Outside the University, I lecture and lead post-performance discussion for visiting groups at the Shakespeare Centre. I have written a distance-learning module on ‘The Text of Shakespeare’ for the Shakespeare Institute’s Shakespeare and Theatre programme.

Postgraduate supervision

I supervise MA, M.Litt, M.Res and PhD dissertations on early modern drama, Tudor and Stuart texts and their transmission in manuscript and print, and all aspects of editorial practice and theory.


My current major research project is as General Editor of the New Oxford Shakespeare, which will eventuate in a completely new print and electronic edition of Shakespeare's Complete Works. This will be a major multiplatform edition of Shakespeare in both original and moder spelling formats. It will be freshly edited by a small, cohesive international team of scholars. 

I am an Associate General Editor and major contributor toThomas Middleton’s Collected Works. I have also edited Richard III and Timon of Athens for the Oxford Shakespeare series, and Sir Thomas More for the Arden Shakespeare.

I am a General Editor of Arden Early Modern Drama, a parallel series to the Arden Shakespeare that publishes non-Shakespearian drama of the early modern period. I am also a member of the Editorial Committee of the Malone Society, and of the Advisory Board of Shakespeare Internet Editions. In these capacities I have overseen a number of editions now in print. 

 I serve on the Advisory Board of several journals including Shakespeare Survey.

Other activities

I act as Secretary of the biennial International Shakespeare Conference held at the Shakespeare Institute. I participate regularly in the annual meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America, and occasionally in other conferences on Shakespeare, early modern literature, and textual studies, held in Britain, Europe, and elsewhere.


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