Dr Hugh Houghton FHEA

Dr Hugh Houghton

Department of Theology and Religion
Reader in New Testament Textual Scholarship
Deputy Director, Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing

Contact details

Department of Theology and Religion
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I work on the text of the New Testament in Latin and Greek, using and developing electronic tools to create digital editions of individual manuscripts and biblical books which will provide the basis for future generations of scholarship. I am the Principal Investigator of a project on The Earliest Commentaries on Paul as Sources for the Biblical Text funded by the European Research Council from 2011 to 2016. I also led the UK contribution to the Workspace for Collaborative Editing, an online environment for editing New Testament materials. In recent years, I have identified new witnesses to the earliest Latin translations of the Gospels, worked on the online Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Bezae and published a study of the evidence for the gospel text used by Augustine. My monograph on The Latin New Testament will be published in February 2016. I am one of the convenors of the Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament and Deputy Director of ITSEE. I am also a Director of the International Patristics Conference, and convenor of the Sixth British Patristics Conference (Birmingham 2016). I supervise PhD students in the field of New Testament textual scholarship.

My personal website can be found at: http://sites.google.com/site/haghoughton/

Feedback and office hours

My office is G39 in 3 Elms Road, behind the ERI Building.

All post should be addressed to me at ITSEE, Department of Theology and Religion.


  • PhD (Birmingham)
  • MPhil (Cantab.)
  • MA (Cantab.)
  • BA (Leeds)


Hugh Houghton is Reader in New Testament Textual Scholarship and Deputy Director of the Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing. He holds two degrees in Classics from Cambridge, specialising in the linguistics of early Christian texts, and degrees in Theology from Leeds and Birmingham. His first appointment at the University of Birmingham was in 2003 as a Teaching Fellow in the Institute for Archaeology and Antiquity, writing and delivering courses on Greek and Latin language and literature. He has been involved with ITSEE since its inception, working as a Research Fellow on the Vetus Latina Iohannes and Codex Sinaiticus projects. He is currently Principal Investigator on the COMPAUL project funded by the European Research Council. From 2010 to 2013, he was also Principal Investigator on the “Workspace for Collaborative Editing”, a collaborative endeavour between the universities of Birmingham, Münster and Trier funded by the AHRC/DFG. Dr Houghton has served as an advisor for several projects, including a facsimile series of Irish Latin manuscripts (ArCH) and the Biblindex database hosted by Sources Chrétiennes in Lyon, France. He was one of the UK representatives on the European Science Foundation Interedition initiative. He is currently Treasurer of the International Greek New Testament Project, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Executive Editor of the book series Texts and Studies published by Gorgias Press.

Dr Houghton's publications include a very well-received study of Augustine's biblical quotations, published by Oxford University Press in 2008, several journal articles on Latin Gospels, and broader surveys of aspects of the textual history of the New Testament. He has identified two new manuscript witnesses to the Old Latin versions of the Gospels and was instrumental in the rediscovery of complete sets of images of two tenth-century bibles which were destroyed in the Spanish Civil War. He has worked on a number of digital editions, including www.codexsinaiticus.org, the electronic transcription of Codex Bezae and www.iohannes.com, and has presented papers at conferences on biblical and patristic literature in the UK, Europe and North America.


New Testament Greek

Postgraduate supervision

  • The New Testament in Latin
  • The New Testament in Greek
  • The Bible in Early Christian Authors


I am currently supervising the following doctoral projects:

  • Origen's Text of Romans, 2 Corinthians and Galatians
  • An Online Environment for Collaborative New Testament Research
  • The Text and Transmission of 2 Thessalonians
  • Pauline Catena Manuscripts
  • The New Testament Text of Tertullian and Irenaeus

For details of recent and ongoing doctorates in the field of New Testament Textual Criticism, visit http://www.igntp.org/doctoral.html


  • COMPAUL - a five-year project investigating the earliest Latin and Greek commentaries on the Pauline Epistles as sources for the biblical text funded by the European Research Council. The project aims to examine the commentators' treatment of the biblical text, the manuscript transmission of these works and the re-use of these texts in later writings.
  • Vetus Latina Iohannes - an edition of the earliest Latin translations of the Gospel according to John, based on surviving manuscripts and quotations in Christian authors.
  • An edition of the Old Latin versions of the principal Pauline Epistles (Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians).
  • Workspace for Collaborative Editing - an online environment for editing evidence for the text of the New Testament,  developed in Birmingham and Germany.
  • International Greek New Testament Project - working towards the Editio Critica Maior, the fullest presentation of the evidence for the Greek New Testament.
  • Insular Latin Gospel Books - a project to transcribe and examine their text.

Other activities

  • Executive Editor of the book series Texts and Studies (Gorgias Press)
  • Member of Working Groups 2 & 3 of Interedition (European Science Foundation COST action)
  • Consultative Committee of Biblindex project on biblical quotations (www.biblindex.org)
  • Treasurer and Webmaster of the International Greek New Testament Project (www.igntp.org)
  • Advisory Board of the GSI-IGNTP 1 Timothy Collaboration.
  • Board of Directors, International Patristics Conference.
  • Member of the Society of Biblical Literature, Studiorum Noui Testamenti Societas (SNTS), International Association of Patristic Studies, Association of Manuscripts and Archives in Research Collections, European Association of Digital Humanities


For full details of my publications ordered by date, including links to free online versions, visit my personal web-page at: http://sites.google.com/site/haghoughton/publications


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Selected Articles and Book Chapters

  • H.A.G. Houghton, “The Gospel according to Mark in Two Latin Mixed-Text Manuscripts.” forthcoming in Revue Bénédictine 126.1 (2016).
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Latin and Greek manuscripts of the New Testament