Dr Jagbir Jhutti-Johal BA (UCL), DPhil (Oxford)


Lecturer in Sikh Studies

Department of Theology and Religion

Dr Jagbir Jhutti-Johal

Contact details

ERI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


I’ve been a lecturer at the University of Birmingham since 2002. My research encompasses a range of related topics in Sikh Studies, such as gender and Sikhism, science and Sikhism and contemporary Sikhism.

On the teaching side, I teach Introduction to Sikhism (first-year undergraduate); Placement Module (second–year undergraduate); and an MPhil(B) course on Sikh Studies; and I’m supervising PhD theses on Sikhs and Identity, and an Historical account of the development of the Gurdwara Act 1925.

I’m currently a Working Group Member on the Family Justice Council’s Domestic Violence Working Group, and an Advisory Member for the West Midlands Area Ethnic Community Engagement Board.


I studied in the Department of Anthropology and History at University College London where I completed my undergraduate degree in Ancient History and Social Anthropology.  I then went to Oxford University where I completed my DPhil in Social Anthropology entitled A study of changes in marriage practices among the Sikhs of Britain.

Before coming to Birmingham in 2002, I was working at the University of Oxford has a Research Assistant on a project commisioned by the Department of Constitutional Affairs (now Ministry of Justice) looking at public law proceedings concerned with the care and protection of children focusing, in particular, on race and ethnicity in the Family Justice System.



  • Introduction to Sikhism
  • Placement Module


  • Sikh perspectives on interreligious relations
  • Contemporary issues in Sikh Studies

Postgraduate supervision

I am happy to supervise in a range of topics:

  • Sikh Studies
  • Ethnic Minorities, Religion and Law
  • South Asian Diasporas
  • Gender Studies


My main research area is Contemporary Sikhism. This includes:

  • Sikhs and the Law, especially with reference to the impact on identity
  • Gender Studies and Sikhism focusing on geneder inequality and issues such as female feoticide and domestic violence
  • Sikhism and Science, especially questions about scientific advances in reproductive technologies, cloning and genetic engineering, but also how the body is viewed, especially within Sikhism.

Other activities



  • Sikhs and Mental Health in a book titled The Body and Religion: Modern Science and the Construction of Religious Meaning (eds) David Cave and Rebecca Sachs Norris.


  • Sikhism Today 2011 Continuum Press:  London

Book chapters

  • The Role of Women in their Religious Institutions: A Contemporary Account.   In Sikhism and Women: History, Texts and Experience. (ed) Doris Jakobsch. Oxford University press: India May 2010
  • ‘Ethnic and Cultural diversity in the Indian Subcontinent’ (with A Gumber and P.S.Gill) in Genetic Disorders among People from the Indian Subcontinent, edited by Dhavendra Kumar. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2005
  • ‘The Sikh Grand Narrative’ (with S.S.Johal), in Palliative Care amongst South Asians, edited by A.R.Gatrad et al. Quay Books, 2005.
  • ‘Dowry among Sikhs in Britain’, in South Asians and the Dowry Problem, edited by Werner Menski. Trentham Books, 1998.


  • ‘Sikh Birth Customs’ (with A.R.Gatrad., P.S. Gill, and A. Sheikh), in Archives of Diseases in Childhood 2005.
  • ‘Assessing and documenting child ill-treatment in minority ethnic households’ (with Julia Brophy and C Owen) in Family Law 2003, pp 756-764.

Official reports

  • ‘Minority ethnic parents, their solicitors and child protection litigation’.(with Julia Brophy and Eleanor McDonald. London: Department of Constitutional Affairs Research Series 5/05. 2005.
  • ‘Significant Harm: Child Protection in a Multicultural Setting’ (with Julia Brophy and Charlie Owen). London: Lord Chancellor's Department, 2003

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