Student Life

There is a thriving student community at Birmingham and we very much look forward to you being part of it.

To hear what student life is like for our students, have a look at what our students say. Also, if you are unable to travel to campus yourself, visit our You Tube Channel to watch films of our beautiful campus.

Student societies

Many nationality groups form student societies during their time at the University of Birmingham. This is an excellent way to keep in contact with home and also provides an opportunity to highlight your culture and customs in the UK.

Student societies are also a useful point of contact for prospective students to Birmingham who may want to contact current students for information.

For a full list of student societies please visit the Birmingham Guild of Students website.

What our students have to say...


Students from Azerbaijan discuss their student experience; from the programmes they studied to socialising and accommodation.

Nijat Muradli, MSc Road Management and Engineering

"I chose the University of Birmingham because the course taught on road management at the University is more required nowadays. 

The part of my degree programme that has been the most challenging so far is that a 'Sustainable transport policy' is a hard one as it requires an ideal transport system for modern life. Ideas and solutions are debatable and it is difficult to agree on solutions as everyone’s worldview and culture is different. 

I live in University accommodation in Mason, overall conditions are good but the problems are that we live ground floor see only bushes and nevertheless I selected mixed-sex was allocated in male flat. 

Birmingham is quite a big city and everything is available, the transport system is well organized, it is easy to travel around the country and the weather is not cold. The air is clean and nature is nice especially where I live. 

I have joined to the Judo Club. It is quite interesting and our coach is a respectful person. So I like the club. 

To other students thinking of studying in the UK I would say that in the beginning everything seemed kind of difficult, even unachievable, but self motivation and thinking about 'never give up' were really helpful words for me. And also the social life is important - new students need to join social clubs, thus my advice to new students is to never think about breaking off your course. If you started try to finish."

Nijat Muradli "The student life at the University of Birmingham and the process of learning itself is attractive. Also, the modern technologies provided for students are quite beneficial. Easy access to professors is another advantage"

Ruslan Talibov, MBA Global Banking and Finance

Ruslan graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Global Banking and Finance from the University of Birmingham in 2011. Having worked in the International Cooperation Division of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan (CBA) for a number of years, he decided to study the MBA to enable him to move to a different division within the bank.

We recently caught up with Ruslan to find out the impact the MBA is having on his life and career. 

"After graduation, I secured my job as Senior Specialist; I decided to move to a new division because I wanted to work for one of the core divisions within the bank. Through studying the MBA, my skill set was broadened and diversified; I learnt how to adapt my professional strategy and broadened my way of thinking. Both lessons were indispensible to my career and ones which ultimately helped me secure a more senior position within the bank."

Having decided to pursue an MBA qualification, Ruslan explains why he chose to study at the University of Birmingham and the elements of the course he found beneficial: "I was awarded the Chevening scholarship which is managed by the British Council on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and funds overseas students through a one year masters degree. "

Ruslan Talibov "I chose to study with my scholarship at the University of Birmingham as it had been recommended as a fantastic university by a colleague who had previously studied there. It was also ranked within the top 100 in the world."


“The content of the programme was alluring as modules in banking, HR management and marketing were particularly crucial to my professional development. During the course, I had the fantastic opportunity to focus my dissertation on the area of banking I was hoping to get into, an option which widened my knowledge in this specific field. The freedom and flexibility to study a topic I was so passionate about made the course all the more attractive.   I was also eager to study at the University of Birmingham as the campus appeared to have a wonderful community feel and a superb atmosphere."

Looking back over his experience at the University, Ruslan recalls the challenging nature of the course and some of his key highlights:

"The programme was very intense as there was a lot of work; being a Chevening scholar, there was a higher expectation on me to do well. With the support of the Business School, I managed this pressure by discussing areas of difficulty with my tutors. I also had access to resources in the library or the learning centre which aided my work load.  Lots of day trips were organised by the University for international students and I visited many cities in the UK including Caernarvon, Wales. I also attended a play in Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of the famous William Shakespeare!"

Ruslan Talibov "Make the most of the programme, even those hard and sleepless nights! After graduation, you will really miss those days. I know I do"