Student Profiles



Fabricio Marques
Nationality: Brazilian
PhD Chemical Engineering
BEng Chemical Engineering (Oct 2007 – Jul 2010)

Fabricio Marques  "I chose the University of Birmingham because it is a highly regarded institution that offers students good quality education, state-of-the-art facilities and motivation to achieve my goals. More specifically, it has very well established engineering and sciences departments that invest a lot in research, which reflect in the wide range of facilities and support available.

The most challenging part of my PhD has been finding enough time to do all the experiments that I want to do, since there are so many great facilities that I can use.

The part I enjoy the most about my PhD is to make discoveries that contribute towards scientific knowledge and has direct applications in industry that contribute towards a more sustainable future.

I live in private student accommodation. It is modern, comfortable, safe and well located, close to shops, supermarkets, leisure facilities and public transport, which is very convenient.

Birmingham is a great place to live and has a lot to offer. There are excellent shopping centres, a wide range of restaurants covering worldwide cuisine, great venues and theatres that host many events and concerts throughout the year, many museums and attractions, an active nightlife, very good public transport networks and a multicultural population that makes you feel at home.

I am a member of the Chemical Engineering Society, which organizes many social, sporting and charity events throughout the year. It is a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests and diverse backgrounds.

I would advise students who are interested in studying at the University to find out as much as they can about the university they are interested in, speak with current students and come to an Open Day if possible to visit the University and experience first-hand what it is like.

The University of Birmingham is very multicultural and welcomes students from all over the world, providing all the support and facilities they need to do very well during their time in the UK.

The University has a vast campus where all facilities, libraries and departments are located, and one can also find everything they need, including shops for books and stationary, banks, cafes and food outlets, services that provide advice about careers, accommodation, welfare, etc.

In addition, there is a great student union, the Guild, which represents students and organises many events and activities throughout the year, providing opportunities to meet many people, make friends and have a lot of fun"

Name: Paulo Gregório
Nationality: Brazil
PhD Shakespeare Institute

Paulo Gregório  "I chose the University of Birmingham because of the Shakespeare Institute, which I believe to be the best place for anyone interested in studying Shakespeare and his works.

Even though I am still at the beginning of my programme, I would say that my first meeting with my supervisors has been the most challenging moment for me so far, because it was the first time I discussed my work with them. As for the most enjoyable part of my programme, it was when I first visited the Shakespeare Institute Library, since I realized that I would be able to have access to everything I need to produce a good thesis.

I am currently living outside the University, sharing a flat with 3 other students close to the main campus. The flat is very good, with 4 en-suite bedrooms and a common area (living room and kitchen). It is equipped with excellent quality furniture and kitchen appliances, provides access to internet, and the best thing is that its price is cheap.

Birmingham is a good city, because I can easily find everything I need here: supermarkets, markets, public markets, shops and restaurants. In addition, it is a lively city, and we can go out whenever we want, since there are always things to do and places to go.

I would advise students thinking of applying to Birmingham to come here, because in the UK students can have a fantastic University experience and they may also enjoy the contact with the British culture, which is very traditional and rich, in my opinion.

The first thing I would take into account is the reputation of the University of Birmingham, which is very good. In addition, I can mention the quality of its teaching, the expertise of its professors, and the competence and commitment of its administrative staff, which works hard in order for students to make the most of their time at the University."






Name Erika Molinari Moreira
Nationality: Brazilian
MSc International Business (2007)
Currently working for Barclays Bank, as Senior Product Manager – International Liquidity.

Erika Molinari Moreira "Once I graduated from Birmingham I was offered roles in 3 different graduate programmes. I chose to go to Citibank, where I started working in Product Management, and stayed for nearly 3 years. I then moved to Santander and now work for Barclays.

I chose the University of Birmingham because I was recommended it by a lecturer in my university in Brazil, found out about the scholarship for Latin American students, and applied!

Getting used to the exam structure was particularly challenging as we had to learn everything for one single exam week! The most enjoyable part was when I got to go to China to spend 2 months researching at a container terminal. That was an experience I will never forget, and which has definitely helped me advance my career.

The advice I would give to students interested in studying my degree programme is that time goes very quickly so make the most of it, and if you are interested in working in the UK make use of the career services!

The University campus is absolutely beautiful. Birmingham also has quite a good mix of people, and of course the Bullring!

My fondest memories of studying in Birmingham are getting to know so many people and making some great friends along the way. I’d definitely recommend the University.

The team building week in the beginning of the first term was also amazing. We got to go to Coniston in the Lake District, one of the most beautiful places in the UK, and did lots of really fun activities like kayaking!"