Student Profile 


Name: Saeid Safavi 

Course: MEng in Electronic and Communication Engineering, PhD student in the Electrical, Electronic and Communication Department 

Nationality: Iranian

"My MEng was a collaboration programme between Amirkabir University of Technology and the University of Birmingham, and after I finished it I decided to stay here because I have had great supervisor and he offered me a position for starting my PhD. I really like the campus and I also really happy with the friendly staff. In addition I believe that we have really good lab facilities here.

The most challenging part of my course was the third year of my MEng as it was a first year of my study in the UK and I struggled a lot to get used to it. The part which I really enjoyed was the second year of my PhD when my first article was accepted to be published by one of the best organizations in my field.

I used to live in university accommodation for two years when I was a MEng student. I think living in accommodation is a ‘must have’ experience. My accommodation was located near the really beautiful lake at The Vale so location-wise it was perfect. The other thing which I liked about the accommodation is you can find lots of friends and also you can join your favourite community more easily.

Birmingham has everything you need in the city, but is quite a relaxed place for such a big city. The people are friendly and I have also joined some of the sport clubs, such as the tennis club.

The advice I would give to students thinking of studying in the UK is that I think it really is a really good experience to have. Mostly for international students like me, as in UK you can see people from different cultures are living together. The University also has lots of positive aspects like good lab facilities, a big and concentrated campus structure, very good sport facilities, perfect main library, and a responsible student enquiry service. "