In-School Deferment

Change bannerIn-school deferment allows you to temporarily suspend payments on any previous loans (Stafford, PLUS or Consolidation) whilst you are studying. It will also ensure that you are not charged interest on your current Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan. 

What is deferment?

Deferment is a temporary period during which a borrower is not required to make any repayments and the interest is temporarily delayed.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for in-school deferment, you must be enrolled at the University at least part-time (half-time). For students in writing up status (also known as 'Continuation Status' or 'Thesis Awaited') you are classed as 'half-time' for enrolment reporting purposes, therefore eligible for in-school deferment. 

How long does the deferment period last?

The deferment period will last as long as you maintain enrolment on your program of at least part-time (half-time) whilst maintaining satisfactory academic progress. 

How do I apply for an in-school deferment?

For students who have borrowed a federal loan whilst at the University of Birmingham, we automatically submit enrolment data to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) verifying attendance. As this is completed electronically, there is no requirement to complete a paper form. Once data has been submitted to NSLDS, your enrolment status is automatically communicated to your current and previous lenders.

If you have not taken out a federal loan whilst at the University of Birmingham and would like to request in-school deferment, please email, including your full name and SSN so the team can add you to our reporitng roster. 

Are there any other types of deferment?

You may also be eligible for deferment under the following conditions:

  • Study in an approved graduate fellowship program or an approved rehabilitation training program for the disabled.
  • Seeking but unable to find full time employment.
  • Economic hardship.
  • Military service.

It is recommended that you contact your loan servicer to discuss any other deferment options. For more information visit the Federal Student Aid website.