Birmingham & Siemens: Creating the smartest university campus in the world

The University of Birmingham has appointed Siemens as a global, strategic partner in a bid to become the world’s Smartest Campus, supporting the first phase of the University’s transition to net zero carbon.

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How do you create the smartest university in the world?

Bring a world-leading university together with a global technology powerhouse and the possibilities are endless.

Our world is evolving, and technology is transforming the everyday - so we must continually transform.

Together, the University of Birmingham and Siemens are starting the journey to create the smartest university campus in the world. Using cutting-edge smart sensor technologies, artificial intelligence and energy-efficient infrastructure, the university will become a 'Living Lab', capturing data across the campus and use it for innovation, teaching and research.

Our goal is to deliver the campus of the future, enhancing the student, staff and community experience, and accelerating the university's path to net zero.

From Birmingham to Dubai, see how we are shaping the future of campuses through this energy and digital transformation journey.


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