The Commonwealth Games 2022 and the University of Birmingham

Exciting news: we're partnering with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games! In this video, staff and students talk about the importance of sport at the University and the great opportunity we now have to build on our sporting heritage and civic commitments. While playing our part in showcasing the West Midlands on the global stage, we'll also be hosting hockey and squash here on our campus, as well as being the primary campus village for athletes. 

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Video Length: 01:58
Video content: This video features a variety of talking heads


[Tobi Adeyemi, President, Guild of Students]
Here at the University of Birmingham, sports and well-being take centre stage.

[Wei-Lun Chen, International Officer, Guild of Students]
Whether it's volunteering, coaching or participating…

[Professor Antonio Belli, Institute of Inflammation and Ageing]
…or carrying out research to understand and support the physical activity needs of individuals and communities.

[Professor Tim Cable, School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences]
To inform the science of performance, rehabilitation and health - we have it all.

[Ryan Marshall, PhD student, Human Metabolic Physiology]
We were the first university to have a sport and exercise science degree, and that was back in 1946.

[Beccy Hodson, Participation Development Officer (Swimming)]
More than 70 years on, we have 56 sports clubs, the city's first 50 metre swimming pool, an indoor sports arena…

[Rebekah Tipping, PhD student and archery scholar]
…and a dedicated performance centre for applied sport science and medicine. And that's not all…

[Rob Hegarty, Sports Officer, Guild of Students]
Our own students and alumni have won Commonwealth and Olympic games medals, as well as national and world titles.

[Leanne Drury, Masters Student and Sport Volunteer]
Our Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences degree is ranked sixth in the world for sports related subjects.

[Lauren Massey, Marketing and Creative Executive, UoB Sport & Fitness]
And most importantly our community are participating in sport weekly because we believe…

[Hannah Washbourne, Pupil at University of Birmingham School]
A healthy and active lifestyle is for…

[The screen divides into a matrix of smaller screens containing University staff and students, who speak in unison]

[Cathy Gilbert, Director of External Relations]
In 2022, the game is changing. We are partnering with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

[Einita Suman, Director of Accommodation Services]
We'll be hosting world-class sports people in our Vale Village.

[Lauren Hunt, Captain of the Women’s Hockey National Premier League Team]
The world's greatest hockey players are going to be competing on my home pitch.

[Zena Wooldridge OBE, Director of Sport]
And some of the world's best squash players will be competing for Commonwealth titles, here on our courts.

[Professor Hisham Mehanna, Director, Institute for Global Innovation and Institute for Advanced Studies]
And we'll be harnessing the games to support our global research in health, energy and the environment.

[Professor Sir David Eastwood, Vice-Chancellor]
Most importantly we will be playing our part in delivering the games, for Birmingham and for the world.

[Ian Reid, Chief Executive Officer, Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games]
And that starts now!

[Katrina Hart, Team England T37 100m Gold Medallist, 2010]
Be there at Birmingham 2022.

[Sarah-Jane Perry, Team England Squash Silver Medallist, 2018]
I can't wait to compete in Birmingham.

[Dom Cunningham, Team England Gymnastics Gold Medallist, 2018]
Birmingham is the place to be. See you in 2022.

[Ama Agbeze, Team England Netball Gold Medallist, 2018]
The Commonwealth Games are coming!

[Stephen Garrett, Marketing Officer, UoB Sport & Fitness]
We are the University of Birmingham.

[Ellie Rattu, Netball Scholar]
And we can't wait for Birmingham 2022


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