Entrepreneurship and innovation video transcript

As part of the Careers Network, The Entrepreneurship and Innovation team are here to help you be Enterprising.

You can: Be Bold, Be Different, Take the Initiative, Make an Impact in any career. It’s all about what you can achieve.

Start now. Find out about EI and our programmes:

  • Plan B – Innovative ideas competition
  • Talent Pool – Learn the skills to start a consultancy
  • Birmingham Bus Tour – Visit working social and commercial enterprises to gain valuable insights
  • Changemakers – Develop enterprising solutions to solve a real business problem
  • BSEEN – Business start-up programme supporting students and graduates across the West Midlands

Sebasitian Kotur a BA Archaeology and Anthropology student who will be graduating in 2014 tells of his experiences with EI programmes: - “I became interested in enterprise after attending the EI Skills Series. I then applied for the Plan B competition which gave me a lot of relevant feedback on my business idea and allowed me to network with people in and around Birmingham. After Plan B I have applied for BSEEN and have started Unihoo , which is an auction website for students. Without BSEEN I don’t think I would have been able to pursue my idea any further than I had. It would just have been something stuck in my head.”

Christopher Vincent a MSc Mechanical Engineering graduate tells of his experiences with EI programmes: - “Since going to Changemakers, the way I have looked for jobs has actually changed. I’m no longer looking for the standard jobs; I’m looking for more entrepreneurial employers as well as trying to be entrepreneurial myself.”

Lydia Gurley a PhD student in Chemical Engineering who will be graduating in 2015 tells of her experiences with EI programmes: - “As part of the Talent Pool, you learn about things such things as networking, team building and also value proposition, and I feel that these skills will be helpful. After Talent Pool I felt I had the confidence and the knowledge to set up an independent consultancy business. In order, to also help me do that I am attending the BSEEN programme. It has really been excellent; I have learned a lot of practical skills that I haven’t learnt in my PhD degree.”

Phil Coombes a BA Political Science graduate tells of his experiences with EI programmes: - “After BSEEN, I tapped into the field of customisation. So I have gone into the University Halls and Societies helping to students to customise their own individual onesie. Also, I ran a shop in Richmond, London during the build up to Christmas.”

Matt Rolfe a BA Ancient History and Archaeology graduate tells of his experiences with EI programmes: - “I decided to open a Fancy Dress shop, which is basically tailored towards students by students. The Bus Tour was something that I saw advertised on the university website, on it we saw a lot of different companies and industries that had started from scratch in the local area, and it was something I thought I would get involved in. I joined BSEEN because they could offer me the support that nowhere else really could.”

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