Physics with Data Science at Birmingham video transcript

Video length: 1:31

(Professor William Chaplin, Head of School)

Our new Physics with Data Science undergraduate degree programme, which we're offering at Bachelor's and Integrated Master's level, will equip you to be at the forefront of career opportunities for physics graduates, which require skills, expertise, and analysis in data science.

These are skills that are in very, very high demand at the moment, and there are career path opportunities in academia and research, also as well in industry, IT, business, and finance.

You'll be taught by experts who use high-level data science skills in their everyday research.

There'll be specialised courses from physics and also as well from the School of Computer Science in later years.

You'll develop your own skills in data science, working alongside our world-leading researchers.

So you could, for example, be applying artificial intelligence to detect, extract, and analyse tiny signals due to gravitational waves or exoplanets from ground and space-based telescope data.

You could be using these skills to interpret applications of quantum technology, for example for mapping the brain.

You could also as well be helping to learn new physics, from analysing data that's collected by the particle accelerators at CERN.

If opportunities in data science excite you, then this is the course for you.