Five out of six pupils on free school meals never go to university. You can stop this waste of talent

Where you start in life should not limit your future

If you don't have family or friends who can tell you what university is like, it can seem like a whole world away. Too many young people with huge potential struggle to access life-changing education because they don't have the right advice, experience, role models or finances.

No-Limits-in-BirminghamThe doors of university are open to all bright minds, but many from low-income backgrounds never dare step along the path. Young people who are the first in their family to consider studying, who come from a low-income background or who don't know anyone working in a graduate job often think that university is not for people like me. Help inspire them and be part of the change.

Your support could mean young people won't be held back by their social or economic position

The Pathways to Birmingham outreach programme is designed to help those with few opportunities to follow in the footsteps of graduate before them. Summer schools on campus, subject tasters, careers advice, mentoring and more culminate in the Pathways to Birmingham programme, including Access to Birmingham, one of the first of its kind to launch in the UK. Your support could offer young people online study support, practice interviews and Pathways To Birmingham scholarships and bursaries.

Blessing-A2BMore students like Blessing need your support

'I lost my dad as a teenager. I needed to take time out from education to process it and to figure out where I would live, so I missed the key stage when my classmates were deciding on university applications. Thanks to the Access to Birmingham programme, I now know how much I am really capable of. After graduation, I plan to help young athletes prepare for life after sport, building up their education and mental resilience.'

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You can help a young person who has had a difficult start in life discover how much they are truly capable of, through a gift starting at £5 a month.

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Your expertise and understanding could be invaluable to a student keen to follow your career path. Find out more about becoming a mentor, offering an internship or sharing your experience.

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