BSc Business Management with Economics (Dubai)

with Integrated Foundation Year

Start date
September 2023
4 academic years
Course Type
Undergraduate, Foundation, Single Honours

September 2023 entry: The Foundation Year of your programme is AED 101,516. Following successful Foundation Year completion the tuition fee is AED 109,145 per year of study.

Fees can be paid in instalments. Scholarships available for all students up to 40%

On the BSc Business Management with Economics with integrated foundation course, you will gain specialised skills in economic decision-making, as well as the chance to explore some of the most prominent issues affecting 21st century current affairs.

Please note that this programme is subject to UAE Ministry of Education accreditation.

Why study this course?

The BSc Business Management with Economics with integrated foundation year aims to equip you with specialised skills in economic decision-making, whilst still providing you with a breadth of knowledge of business management, together with the transferable skills that are necessary to apply this knowledge in new and challenging contexts.

  • We are ranked in the top 150 for Business Management in the world, compared to (Wollongong 151 – 200, Heriot-Watt 251-300, Middlesex – 351 - 400)
  • Our strong links with industry mean that rigorous undergraduate academic study is combined with a real practical focus, leading to excellent job opportunities for our students.
  • We are the 4th most targeted university of top UK employers (High Fliers Research 2022).
  • Be part of the next generation of responsible leaders. We are developing a curriculum that holds responsible and ethical practice at its core. You’ll be involved in our research from the start, applying what you are taught to real world problems and honing your communication skills when presenting findings to stakeholders.

Foundation year

Designed for international students who require a preparatory year prior to undergraduate study, the foundation course is equivalent in learning to year 13 of the UK education system. We will ensure you're fully prepared for your undergraduate programme, immersing you in the university environment and giving you dedicated support in your first year in Dubai, on our business management with economics foundation course.

Years 1-3

In year one, you will be given a thorough grounding in the subject areas you are to continue in later years. Year One also contains a key skills module for personal and academic development which falls within the Business Management Skills theme. In addition, you will learn two economics modules, namely, Principles of Economics and Introduction to Mathematics for Economics.

In Year Two you continue to develop a deeper understanding of responsible business and the relevancy of discipline relevant research, and learn the core Microeconomics and Macroeconomics modules to develop skills in economic decision making. Although still broad based, modules begin to become more focused and specialised within programme themes.

Year Three features modules that are increasingly advanced, allowing you more specialisation whilst maintaining a relatively broad spectrum across the discipline. You can also specialise in either Microeconomic Theory or Macroeconomic Theory. The year is underpinned by a compulsory dissertation which allows you to investigate in depth an area of personal interest in business and economics.

My favourite thing about UOB is the opportunity they give students to engage in real life situations; for example in our group projects about Marks and Spencer or the UN stainable Development Goals we’re given different team roles which helps to develop much needed skills we’ll use in our future careers.

Abdulkareem, BSc Business Management, Dubai


Following the foundation year, you will study the following compulsory modules on the BSC degree.

First year

  • Organisations, Management and Entrepreneurship (20 credits)
  • Managing Financial Resources (20 credits)
  • Introduction to Marketing and Communications (IMAC) (20 credits)
  • Principles of Economics (20 credits)
  • Introduction to Mathematics for Economics (20 credits)
  • Management Education and Learning A (10 credits)
  • Management Education and Learning B (10 credits)

Like all UAE Ministry Of Education Higher Education Institutions we run the below listed compulsory modules.  These modules are designed to support talented graduates in the region, with the skills to aid and further employability. 

  • Arabic Language 1
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Please note these modules must be completed and passed, in addition to your core programme modules, during the course of your degree.  For further information on these modules please contacts us on

Second year

  • Research Methods (20 credits)
  • Responsible Business Theory & Practice (20 credits)
  • Human Resource Management (20 credits)
  • Services & Retail Strategy (20 credits)
  • Microeconomics (20 credits)
  • Macroeconomics (20 credits)

Third year

  • Business Strategies in Emerging Economies (20 credits)
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurship (20 credits)
  • Interantional trade, theory and policy (20 credits)
  • Dissertation (40 credits)
  • Either Advanced Microeconomics or Advanced Macroeconomics (20 credits)

Please note: The modules listed on the website for this programme are regularly reviewed to ensure they are up-to-date and informed by the latest research and teaching methods. Unless indicated otherwise, the modules listed for this programme are for students starting in 2023. On rare occasions, we may need to make unexpected changes to compulsory modules; in this event we will contact offer holders as soon as possible to inform or consult them as appropriate.


The Foundation Year of your programme is AED 101,516. Following successful Foundation Year completion the tuition fee is AED 109,145 per year of study.


We have a number of scholarships available .

How To Apply

Please contact or call +971 424 92300 if you are interested in applying for this course.


International Requirements

In 2017, we received a Gold rating by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), demonstrating our commitment to providing our students with outstanding teaching. The University of Birmingham is proud to count 11 Nobel Prize winners among our staff and alumni, including three prizes awarded in 2016.

We use a range of teaching methods to help you become an independent and self-motivated learner. You will have access to a comprehensive academic support system that will assist and encourage you, including a welfare tutor who can provide guidance on all academic and non-academic needs.

How you will learn

The main way you will learn is by attending lectures, but in some modules these are supplemented with classes which allow you to meet with a tutor in small groups to further your understanding of the material covered in lectures. You will also have the opportunity to work in groups and make presentations – both skills that are highly valued by employers.

How you will be assessed

Your progress is assessed through coursework and exams. Coursework takes a variety of forms, including reports, class tests, group presentations, essays and computer assignments. You must achieve satisfactory results to proceed to the next year. Your final degree is based on marks gained in the second and third years and credits which you build up throughout the whole programme.

With dedicated on campus career support, we will help you to plan, manage and achieve your career goals, giving you the competitive edge when it’s time to start job hunting. From supporting you in ambitions to develop your own company, to going to work in the UAE and beyond, we’ll provide guidance and ensure you are ready to start your career upon graduation.

Our business management courses have long been recognised by major employers across all sectors of the economy. Our students find employment in areas as diverse as retail management, financial services, accountancy, motor manufacturing, management consultancy and pharmaceuticals; some become self employed.

Your Birmingham Degree

Your Birmingham degree is evidence of your ability to succeed in a demanding academic environment. Employers target Birmingham students for their drive, diversity, communication and problem-solving skills, their team-working abilities and cultural awareness, and our graduate employment statistics have continued to climb at a rate well above national trends.