Tuition fees

Studying at a UK university in Dubai means that you will need to pay an annual tuition fee, which covers the costs associated with teaching, examinations, and graduation.

Your annual tuition fees depend on the level at which you study, but for undergraduates the tuition fees you pay in your first year will remain constant across all years of study with no increase for the duration of your course.

If you are made an offer to study by the university your tuition fees will be confirmed in your offer letter, excluding your scholarship.

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To find out more about our tuition fees for specific programmes, please visit your chosen programme page for more information.

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How much will it cost to attend University?

When you are planning your finances for studying at our Dubai campus, you will need to consider two main costs:

  • Course fees
  • Living costs

Please note that the University’s course fees are for tuition only and are not inclusive of visa and living costs such as travel, accommodation, food, insurance, and day-to-day expenses.

Pay your deposit via HSBC

As a condition of study you must pay a tuition fee deposit of AED 5,000 at the time of accepting your offer, but exceptions will apply for example if your fees are paid by a recognised sponsor. 


You can make a direct payment via our HSBC bank account (PDF, 66KB).

If you are under the age of 21 you will need to provide a signed guarantor form. Details of this will be provided to you once you receive your offer letter.

In exceptional circumstances, a deposit may also be refunded if you are prevented from commencing your studies by matters outside your control (other than those referred to above), for example a change in your personal circumstances including your ability to fund tuition fees for your studies, a serious illness or a death in your immediate family.  The University reserves the right to deduct an administration fee of 490 AED from the deposit in these circumstances.

Payment options for your tuition fees

Your deposit is an advance payment of tuition fees and will be deducted from the tuition fees charged to you after you register for your course.

You can either pay the outstanding tuition fee for the academic year at the start of your programme or benefit from a termly instalment payment plan. 

For further details and to apply for instalments please visit our Student Finance page.

Please note that you will not be eligible for financial support from the Student Loans Company or any of its regional agencies.

Living costs

The cost of living in Dubai will be dependent upon your lifestyle choice but it is possible to live economically if you shop wisely and budget carefully. Basic products are services are reasonably priced and there are regular sales and promotions on consumer goods.

You will need to consider costs such as visas, accommodation and transport.

Finance queries

To receive updates on finance queries including invoices, receipts, and general finance queries students can raise a ticket at through our Finance Service Portal. Login, select 'Contact Us', and the Finance Team in UK will reply within 10 working days. 

Make a student payment query via our Finance Service Portal