Registration declaration

When you complete Online Registration, you will be asked to agree to the declaration. You should make sure you have read and understood the declaration before agreeing to it.

You can read the declaration of registration below for the current academic year. You will be required to agree to the declaration to complete your registration.

Declaration of Registration 2020/21

Read the following declaration carefully. You cannot become a registered student of the University until you have read and ticked to confirm that you agree to the declaration. The declaration statement provides links through to the web pages for the University CharterStatutesOrdinancesRegulations and Codes of Practice (including the Conditions of us of Computing and Network Facilities) of the University, the DIAC Code of Conduct, and to any changes made for the 2019/20 academic year, so that you can view these in full before agreeing to the declaration.

As part of Online Registration, I have checked and amended where required my Personal Details, Addresses, Emergency Contact Details, Programme Details, Further Details and Data Sharing Agreements and Financial Sponsor Details.

I declare that the information that I have given as part of Online Registration is true and complete. Where there is a ‘prefer not to say’ or ‘information refused’ option, I confirm that by providing an answer I am consenting to you processing that data.

I have also read, understood and promise to obey the University Charter, Statutes, Regulations and Codes of Practice (including the Conditions of use of Computing and Network Facilities and the Data Protection Policy), the DIAC Code of Conduct and any changes made for the 2019/20 academic year, paying particular attention to the regulations on Attendance and Reasonable Diligence, Conduct and Fitness to Practise.

I understand that my registration is not complete until the University is satisfied that the documents I have provided demonstrate that I have the right to study at the University of Birmingham Dubai.

I also promise to respect the University’s values and uphold the University's good name to the best of my ability, both while as a student, and if admitted to a degree, as a graduate.

I acknowledge that the University will collect, store, use, share and process my personal data obtained as part of Online Registration and other personal data obtained from me or other sources as explained as part of Online Registration and in the student privacy notice.