BHM 2021 - Virtual Yoga and Meditation

Friday 29 October 2021 (12:10-12:55)

Join us for a virtual Yoga and Meditation class via Zoom hosted by the Race Equality Staff Network in collaboration with Sport & Fitness.

The 1 hour class will include gentle Yoga, followed by guided mediation.

It will be the perfect opportunity to relax and let go of any stresses and worries you may have, so find yourself a quiet spot, put yourself on ‘do not disturb’ and use this space to let go. Please wear comfortable clothing. You might want your to have some comfortable blankets, cushions (yoga bolster or blocks are also ideal if you have these at home). You might also want to light some candles, burn some incense – whatever helps you make your space relaxing.

Amy will lead you through a 40 minute gentle Yoga class.

This class is pure indulgence just for you - an opportunity to press pause, reflect and find stillness and calmness.

All Staff and Students welcome.

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