Research Challenge Themes

Our Research Challenge Themes showcase our pioneering breakthroughs, multidisciplinary collaborations and significant global impact.

  • Life-Changing Technologies

    With the growth of our global population the demand for products, infrastructure, and services also increases, creating a growing burden on our planet’s resources and geopolitical relations. To answer this challenge we must alter the world’s approach to manufacturing, engineering, and healthcare.

  • Global Health

    Modern health challenges do not discriminate. Non-communicable diseases and mental health conditions continue to increase alongside growing health inequalities. We are committed to addressing the ever-evolving landscape of global healthcare.

  • Connecting Cultures

    Our Connecting Cultures research promotes and connects diverse cultures, fosters social inclusion, shared ownership, and a sense of belonging. Though all of our work we’re changing lives and bridging gaps through innovative projects that celebrate diversity.

  • Thriving Planet

    We are on an unrestricted search for answers to better understand the impact of climate change. Developing a sustainable future focused on clean air and water, biodiversity conservation, and clean energy and transport.

  • Fairer World

    Across the world, millions of people fight for justice – from inclusive education and healthcare access, to gender equality and political conflict. We are on an unrestricted mission to address these global challenges.