Philosophy, Theology and Religion

From the philosophy of mind, ethics, and philosophy of religion, to Christian-Muslim relations and electronic editions of theological texts

Our research projects


    A five-year interdisciplinary project investigating the transformation of Shii Islam in the Middle East and Europe since the 1950s.


    Groundbreaking research into catenae, collections of commentaries on early New Testament texts

  • Bible and Culture

    The Birmingham Research Network on the Bible and Culture

  • FraMEPhys

    A Framework for Metaphysical Explanation in Physics

  • Global Philosophy of Religion Project

    A major initiative that aims to make the philosophy of religion a truly global field


    Pragmatic and epistemic role of factually erroneous cognitions and thoughts

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The School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion

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  • The Edward Cadbury Lectures

    An annual series of lectures open to the public on the history, theology and culture of Christianity.

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