We understand how important a decision it is when choosing the right course and university. To make it easier for you we have gathered together some useful information to help you in your decision about studying at the University of Birmingham.

If the University offers you a place and you decide to accept this offer, a contract will be formed between you and the University. Your rights and obligations to the University and the University’s obligations to you arising under that contract will be set out in the documents listed below, and these will form the terms and conditions of your student contract. The documents include:

  • Your offer letter
  • The Undergraduate or Postgraduate Prospectus, as appropriate
  • The University’s Royal Charter, Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and Codes of Practice, known as ‘University legislation’
  • The Student Charter
  • The programme information and requirements set out on our website

Key Terms and Conditions

Read a summary of the key terms and conditions:

Note: If you are a MA Social Work applicant, please refer to applications through UCAS.

The University's Legislation addresses matters of institutional governance and organisation. As defined in the University Statutes, University Legislation consists of the Charter, Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and Codes of Practice of the University. All members of staff and students are subject to the Legislation. Whilst the Charter and Statutes are at the top of this hierarchy and address matters of institutional governance and organisation, most staff and students are affected directly only by Ordinances, Regulations and Codes of Practice, which contain principles and standards designed to control or govern conduct, or provide direction. A summary of the key Codes of Practice is set out below.

Most Regulations and Codes of Practice are cohort specific (i.e. the Regulations and Codes of Practice that apply to a student will depend upon the year in which they started their studies). University Legislation is regularly reviewed, and information is published when any significant changes are made to University Legislation. For more information on cohort legislation and changes to legislation please visit the University Legislation Intranet page

Students also need to be aware of, and comply with, current University policies, including;