The hidden voices of people who stutter: focusing on higher education

Friday 9 December 2022 (16:30-18:30)

This event aims to raise awareness about a group of people who are rarely represented in disability events and research. Our panellists will explore the perspective of parents, teachers, students, and the wider research community. There will also be a focus on supporting students who stutter.

Dr Mahmoud Elsherif is a research associate in the Department of Psychology at University of Birmingham. Mahmoud has strong interest in neurodiversity and supporting neurodivergent individuals within higher education. Currently, their research is to investigate whether autistic children with and without IDs can benefit from interacting in a witnessing others environment versus an addressed interaction. They are advocating that UoB provides further support for stuttering adults. Mahmoud has worked on a number of research projects exploring stuttering and dyslexic adults in relation to language processing and Open Scholarship and neurodiversity.

Dr. Claire Tupling, University of Derby, Senior Lecturer

Professor Deborah Johnston, SOAS, Professor

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