University of Birmingham Distinguished Events

Distinguished Events are occasions where the University and wider community can come together to reflect on the major social, scientific, cultural, and policy issues of our time.

They are now an established part of the University’s calendar, and have already brought outstanding speakers to the University. It is these sorts of occasions that help define a university as a place of discovery and debate.

The Distinguished Lectures include the Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Lecture Series, the Baggs Memorial Happiness Lecture, and a selection of other notable lectures from around the University.

The events are always free to attend and aim to open the University to a wider audience.


Upcoming Distinguished Lectures

Previous Distinguished Events available to stream 

The Vice-Chancellor's Great Debate 2021

The Vice-Chancellor's Great Debate 2020

Dr Tristram Hunt

Professor Sarah Churchwell

Sir Hew Strachan

Professor Sir David Eastwood

Sir Christopher Meyer