Muirhead Tower, Room 113
Saturday 27 June 2015 (22:24)


Dr Martin Bommas - Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

Professor Katja Goebs - University of Toronto, Institute of Advanced Studies Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Memory Studies do not deal with individual memories but investigate how societies remember. Of particular interest, although still emerging as an area of research, is the role social memory played in ancient societies. In the context of ancient world, a ‘culture of memory’ has not only allowed the upkeep and recovery of cultural memories shared by social groups. The process of actively remembering and storing memories also shaped the identities of social groups. Amongst the most important cultural practices rituals and the performance of myth can be identified as an experience all levels of ancient societies shared. Through a process of enculturation, the performance of myth enabled members of social groups to learn the requirements of culture and acquire values and behavioural patterns from a very young age. Up to today, the three research areas memory, myth and performance have never been linked with each other in academic research and the identification of self-images of social groups whether ancient or contemporary have never been addressed. As a consequence, the suggested workshop aims at addressing this multi-layered topic in an interdisciplinary approach and paving the ground for future research in this particular area.

To register to attend this workshop please email Sarah Jeffery.

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