Birmingham Professional Mini-Conference

To be confirmed
Corporate Services, Lectures Talks and Workshops
Tuesday 1st April 2014 (09:00-14:00)
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Jennie Lapworth
Tel: 0121 414 8883

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You have no doubt seen the media campaign ‘Birmingham Heroes’ featuring researchers that are making life changing impacts on a national and international scale. However, we know that without us, the ‘Professional Heroes’ the University couldn’t function. These experts wouldn’t be able to carry out their life-changing research and we wouldn’t be able to support and develop the next generation of brilliant minds. 

The aims of this year’s mini-conference are: 

  • To explore which professional skills and services are vital in delivering the University’s goals and how we can develop these further to enhance our own personal development while enhancing the learning and research environment. 
  • To enable us to articulate the strengths we bring to the organisation and explain how these can be used to support academic colleagues. 
  • To determine how we can bring out the best in our relationships with the academic and student community and create a mutually beneficial environment in which we can work together.

This event is free of charge, if you would like to attend, please book online.