Dr Elaine Fulton on The Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493

Elgar Concer Hall, Ground Floor, Bramall Music Building (R12)
Thursday 16 March 2017 (13:00-14:00)
The Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493, Cadbury Research Library

This lecture by Dr Elaine Fulton is the third in a series relating to the new University Library’s Inspiring Knowledge exhibition and will focus on the Book of Chronicles, more popularly known as the Nuremberg Chronicle, first published in 1493 in the German city from which it took its name. The Chronicle was a late fifteenth century attempt to produce an illustrated history of the world, and holds a place of deep significance in the history of print for its sheer scope, integration of text with hundreds of lavish illustrations, and for its representation of the vibrancy of northern European humanism and the apocalypticism of the age.

The Nuremberg Chronicle is one of the treasures of the University’s Cadbury Research Library currently on display in the Library's Inspiring Knowledge exhibition: this lecture will throw light on its significance, both in its own day and as the valuable artefact that it is today.  Hear Elaine introduce the Nuremberg Chronicle in this short film.

All welcome. Please register for this event. Part of the University's Arts and Science Festival 2017.

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