Road-Test of the Library's LGBTQ+ Resources

Tuesday 1 February (10:00) - Monday 28 February 2022 (17:00)

Michael Hart

For LGBTQ+ History Month 2022, Bailey, UoB student ambassador for Gale resources, looks into the Archives of Sexuality and Gender, and the emergence of rights movements in the 1970s

The Library has a wide range of LGBTQ+ resources. The EDI Student and Gale Student Ambassador have been road-testing Archives of Sexuality and Gender: LGBTQ History and Culture since 1940 (Parts 1 and 2), Archives of Sexuality and Gender: International Perspectives on LGBTQ Activism and Culture, and LGBT Magazine Archive and have recorded videos to share their experiences.

Follow the hyperlinks above to find out what resources the Ambassadors have been testing, why they are important, and what interesting sources they have found on the LBGTQ+ community.

These resources are accessible to all UoB staff and students. 

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