Why do we need responsible business leaders?

University of Birmingham
Wednesday 29 March 2023 (13:00-15:00)


This event has been cancelled and is no longer accepting bookings.

Class capacity: 100

Year group: Years 10 and 11

Subject: Business

Attendee requirements: None

About: To achieve great performance, companies need leaders who reflect their unique context and business model. To win in the market, every company must emphasise the specific capabilities that make it better or different to the competition, but what kind of business leaders do we need if we want a sustainable future? Leadership is a quality that is hard to define, and yet it can make all the difference in defining the vision and direction of a sustainable future. Everyone can think of inspiring leaders from history, but business leaders who think they can base their style on Nelson Mandela or Elizabeth I might suffer from delusions of grandeur.

The business world can be demanding and has no place for such delusional leaders. Instead, they need those who can inspire, are effective, perform to targets, and now, more than ever, can do all of these things with a deep sense of responsibility. This masterclass will explore what being a responsible leader means in the modern business world.

Additional information: Schools will be limited to 50 places for this class. 

To find out more about any of the masterclasses, please email masterclass@contacts.bham.ac.uk

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