Visualising 'invisible' pollutants from cars

The Exchange: 3 Centenary Square Birmingham B1 2DR
Friday 27 May 2022 (12:30-13:00)
(Visualising Pollution) Photo credit Dr Jason Stafford 700px
Photo credit Dr Jason Stafford

A global shift is underway from the use of fossil fuels togreener alternatives for transport. Hydrogen and the electrification of vehicles are viewed as significant net-zero solutions for climate change issues. From an air quality perspective, however, harmful pollution emissions and exposure risks will continue to persist from non-exhaust sources.Visualising 'invisible' pollutants from cars

In this lunchtime lecture by Dr. Jason Stafford, you will find out about computational modelling being performed to visualise pollutant flows around vehicles and to develop clean air solutions that encourage a healthy society.

This activity is presented as part of The Air We Breathe, a public programme at The Exchange, with an exhibition, activities and events that explore the close relationships between us, our environment and our air quality. From a hydrogen train to a sci-fi forest, discover the work being done by the University of Birmingham to deliver clean air both here in Birmingham and around the world and how you can get involved.

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