Animal welfare


At the University of Birmingham the welfare of animals used in biomedical research is of paramount importance to all those involved.

We have 3 Named Animal Care and Welfare Officer (NACWO). NACWOs are responsible for making sure that the highest standards of husbandry and care are in place. Veterinary support is provided by the Named Veterinary Surgeon (NVS) and a team of professional, qualified animal technicians monitor animal welfare in the facilities.

At Birmingham the Named persons and all the technical staff looking after the animals make every effort to not just comply with the legal requirements of the Home Office Code of Practice for the Housing and Care of Animals used in Scientific Procedures but endeavour to provide husbandry methods and environmental enrichment that goes far beyond the minimum standards required.

The technical staff who provide for the husbandry needs and welfare of the animals at the University of Birmingham are specialists in the care of animals. Their skills include animal handling, good husbandry and the early recognition of signs of pain, distress and disease.

Animal technicians are encouraged to undertake professional qualifications awarded by the Institute of Animal Technology, and continued professional development (this includes attending research seminars, meetings and reading of relevant literature) to further their knowledge and skills.