Artificial collections

This section lists collections which have been accumulated from a variety of sources, of materials on a particular subject or theme or type of document. Many of these have been made by an individual and some of these are antiquarian collections. Others are groupings have been made by Cadbury Research Library : Special Collections.

Album of African postcards: collection of black and white and coloured published postcards. They depict people, tribal costumes, customs and traditions, churches, other buildings and mines, street scenes and other sites, early 20th cent. Finding No: MS827

Athletics Collection: materials relating to British and international athletics. Includes programmes, photographs, statistics, results, newspaper cuttings and oral history collection recordings, late 19th-20th century. Finding No: ATH

Canals Collection: manuscripts and printed items relating to the formation of canals in the Midlands area, 1759-1809. Finding No: CAN

Corbett Collection: autograph letter collection compiled by John Corbett, (1817-1901) of Impney, Worcestershire. Finding No: MS21

Cricket score cards, publications and newspaper cuttings: various printed scorecards. Some carry manuscript annotations, with other ephemera relating to cricket, [1920s-1950s]. Finding No: MS913

Fairbank Collection: fragments primarily from medieval manuscripts collected by Alfred Fairbank (1895-1982), calligrapher, c 1250-c1860. Finding No: MS272

Gough-Calthorpe family of Elvetham, Hampshire: newspaper cuttings, programmes and other printed items in a scrapbook. Much relate to the family's Birmingham interests 1879-1908. Finding No: MS838

Harold Turner Collection: collection of printed and published materials compiled by Harold W. Turner (1911-2002), missionary scholar. Relates to his research on New Religious Movements in Primal Societies principally 20th century. Finding no: HT

H. B. Evans Collection: collection of papers relating to the Catholic Apostolic Church, late 19th-20th centuries. Finding No: HBE

Humphreys Bequest: manuscripts and documents collected by Kenneth William Humphreys (1916-1994). They are primarily to illustrate the development of handwriting over the ages, 13th-19th centuries. Finding No: KWH

Joseph Chamberlain Postcard Collection: political and other postcards relating to Chamberlain, 1899-[21st century]. Includes souvenir postcards and photo-postcards of the official opening of the University of Birmingham 7 July 1909. Finding No: MS821

Letters Additional Collection: artificial collection of more than 6000 letters of political, literary, scientific, musical, religious, educational and other figures. Dates from 1570-1992 (predominantly 19th-20th centuries). Finding No: LAdd

Mytton Papers: collection of drawings, copies of manuscripts, pedigrees and other genealogical memoranda. Principally relates to Shropshire churches made by William Mytton (1693-1746) of Halston, Shropshire, antiquary, c 1730. Finding No: MYT

Nineteenth Century Industry Collection: deeds and other papers relating to the affairs of a range of individuals, properties and businesses throughout the Midlands and the north of England. Mid-late 19th century. Finding No: MS37

Shropshire Biography Collection: collection of largely printed materials relating to Shropshire families. Made by Edward Edwards of Shropshire, late 18th-19th centuries. Finding No: SHR

Theatre Collection: collection of principally printed materials. Relates to plays performed principally in theatres in London but also in provincial theatres and productions on tour in England, 20th century. Finding Nos: MS38 and MS897 and MS916

Warwickshire pageants and Gwendolen Lally, pageant master, play producer and lecturer: Photographs, printed material and a letter from Lally dated July 1953, c 1906-c 1953. Finding No: MS844