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Amalgamated Society of Anchorsmiths, Shackle and Shipping Tackle Makers: records, 1901-1924. Finding No: MS57/B/1

Amateur Athletic Association: records 1872-1997. Finding No: ATH/AAA

Amphlett Scholarship Trust: records, 1979-83. Finding No: DA3

Anatolia College, Greece: papers, 1943-2002. Finding No: MS203/E

Association of Christian Communities and Networks: records, 1971-2003. Finding No: MS168

Association of County Councils: records, 1973-97. Finding No: ACC

Association of District Councils: records, 1974-87. Finding No: ADC

Association of Metropolitan Authorities: records, 1974-97. Finding No: AMA

Association of Municipal Corporations: records, 1899-1974. Finding No AMC

Association of Special Education: minutes, 1903-63. Finding No: MS181


Baptist Missionary Society: missionary collecting box, mid 20th cent. Finding No: MS832

Barnstaple YMCA: minutes, 1949-54. Finding No: YMCA

Basel Mission: circular letters of missionaries and other records, 1928-72. Finding No: DA4

Bellsham Pipe Organs, organ builders: records, 1997-2007. Finding No: BOA

Bevington & Sons of London, organ builders: work book, 1905-31. Finding No: BOA

Bible Churchmen's Missionary Society: records, 1922-90. Finding No: MS47

Biblelands [now called Embrace the Middle East]: records, 1854-2014. Finding No: MS203

Birkenhead & District Sunday School Union: minutes and other records, 1915-55. Finding No: LCEC

Birmingham Black Oral History Project: cassettes and transcripts of interviews of black immigrants to Birmingham, 1990-92. Finding No: DA6

Birmingham Council of Christian Education: records, 1848-2001. Finding No: LCEC

Birmingham Ear and Throat Infirmary: minutes, 1844-78. Finding No: MS130

Birmingham Institution for the Relief of Deafness see Birmingham Ear and Throat Infirmary

Birmingham Religious Study Circle: minutes, 1913-60. Finding No: MS792

Birmingham Shakespeare Reading Society: minutes, 1917-19. Finding No: MS825

Birmingham Sunday School Union see Birmingham Council of Christian Education

Bishop Tugwell Diocesan Fund:
minutes, annual reports and other papers, 1874-1948. Finding No: CMS/ACC343;
financial records, 1905-63. Finding No: CMS/ACC410

Blackburn YMCA: records, 1910-2007. Finding No: YMCA

Blackett & Howden of Newcastle-on-Tyne, organ builders: estimate, order and wage books, 1902-16. Finding No: BOA

Block Chainmakers Association: records, 1890-1918. Finding No: MS57/B/2

Blockley Silk Mill: records, 1824-38. Finding No: MS84

Brighton and District Sunday School Union: minutes, 1846-1962. Finding No: LCEC

Bristol YMCA: records, 1860-1994. Finding No: YMCA

British Association of American Studies: records, 1959-2016. Also includes papers of Heidi McPherson as BAAS Chair 2007-2010 and Professor Martin Halliwell as BAAS Chair 2010-2013. Finding No: BAAS

British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres: Finding No: BAS

British Association of Teachers of the Deaf: records, including those of predecessor organisations. Finding No: BATOD

British Book Trade Index: papers relating to its administration, management and finance; and papers and printed materials of related organisations including History of the Book Trade in the North, the Book Trade History Group and the Birmingham Bibliographical Society. Correspondence between Knott and Isaac. 1983-2007. Finding No: MS803

British Cotton Growing Association: records, 1862-late 20th century. Finding No: BCGA

British Institute of Organ Studies:  Finding No: BOA

British Lessons Council: records, 1908-80. Finding No: NCEC

British Medical Association, Birmingham and Midland Counties Branch: minutes, 1854-73. Finding No: MS129

British Medical Association, Birmingham Branch, Pathological and Clinical Section: minutes, 1901-47. Finding No: MS706

British Organ Archive: Finding No: BOA

British Union of Fascists: newspapers, 1933-40. Finding No: MS784

Bulgarian Bible School: minutes and other papers, [1870s]-2004. Finding No: MS203/C

Bury YMCA: minute book 8 February 1927-3 August 1933. Finding No: YMCA Section D 234