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  • Dalby, John B. (1910-1987), organist: 'Memoirs about organs' and other papers, mid 20th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Dale, Robert William (1829-1895), congregational minister, historian and author: letters, 1862-91. Finding No: RWD
  • Davidson, J. Henry (fl 1860): diary of a trip through Sicily, c 1860.Finding No: MS448
  • Davies, John Dudley (b 1927), Suffragan Bishop of Shrewsbury: papers relating to the ministry to South Africa and the apartheid regime, 1956-70. Finding No: DA10
  • Davson, James Benjamin H. (b 1868), doctor: journal of experiences in West Africa as a medical officer, 1894-1915. Finding No: MS708
  • Dawber, Ethel Hinton (1899-1989), CMS missionary: photographs and slides, 1960-64. Finding No: CMS/ACC415
  • Dawson, William Harbutt (1860-1948), publicist: notebooks, diaries, manuscripts of writings and correspondence with British and German politicians and journalists, 1871-1948. Finding No: WHD
  • Day, P. W. (fl 1917-18), 17th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment: field message books, 1917-18. Finding No: MS658
  • Debenham, Cecily (1869-1956) nee Kenrick: transcripts of family letters and recollections, 20th century. Finding No: MS311
  • Deed, Florence Instone (1868-1958), CMS missionary: photographs and copy of Giryama-English dictionary, 1920-64. Finding No:CMS/ACC393
  • Degge, Sir Simon (1612-1704), judge: commonplace book, 1672-88.Finding No: MS478
  • Delarue, J. Ludlow (b 1828), schoolmaster, Lancing Grammar School, Sussex: journal and commonplace book, 1844-53. Finding No: MS26
  • Dennis, Frances (fl 1874-1950), CMS missionary: letters and journals, 1897-1950. Finding No: CMS/ACC4
  • Dennis, Thomas John (1869-1917), CMS missionary, Archeacon of Upper Niger: diaries, 1893-1917. Finding No: CMS/ACC89
  • Dermott, James Valentine (1860-1892), CMS missionary: diaries, 1890-92. Finding No: CMS/ACC576
  • Dickens, Charles John Huffam (1812-1870), novelist and journalist: letters re an amateur performance at Theatre Royal, Birmingham, with draft playbill and draft and printed tickets for the performance, 1848.Finding No: MS147
  • Dickinson, Patric Thomas (b 1914), poet and playwright: manuscript, typescript and printed copies of poems and plays, c 1942-72. Finding No: PD
  • Dixon, George (1820-1898), MP, educational reformer: personal and political letters, 1867-89. Finding No: DIX
  • Dixon, Joseph (fl 1809-47), mercer and haberdasher, of Birmingham: journals and notebooks, 1811-32. Finding No: MS14
  • Dixon, Sir Pierson John (1904-1965), diplomat: photocopies of correspondence, reports, memoranda, notes and other papers as private secretary and adviser to Anthony Eden, 1944-72. Finding No:MS20
  • Dodd, William (fl 1777-78): collection of newscuttings and engravings relating to him, 1777-78. Finding No: MS135
  • Dodson, C. (fl 1837): manuscript short story, 1837. Finding No: MS143
  • Dolgorukov, Prince Vasily Alexandrovich (fl 1914-18) : letters to his step father, 1915-17. Finding No: VD
  • Donnithorne, Gladys (d 1977), CMS missionary: correspondence and family papers, 1914-36. Finding No: CMS/ACC232
  • Donnithorne, Vivyan Henry (1886-1968), CMS missionary:
    personal papers; papers relating to the West China Evangelistic Board, 1916-59. Finding No: CMS/ACC165;
    personal and family letters and papers 1910-49. Finding No:CMS/ACC232;
    photographs, 1920s-50s. Finding No: CMS/ACC251
  • Dovatson, John Freeman Milward (1782-1854), naturalist and poet: poem and notebook, 1816-30. Finding No: MS737
  • Downes, Ralph William (1904-1993), CBE, organist: Working papers with much relating to Downes’ work as the Royal Festival Hall organ consultant, later curator-organist, 1860s-1991. Finding No: BOA
  • Downes-Shaw, Archibald see Shaw, Archibald Downes-
  • Drinkwater, John (1882-1937), playwright, poet and actor:
    manuscript poems, 1900-57. Finding No: JD
    correspondence, literary and other manuscripts, 1925-82. Finding No: MS169;
    photograph album, 1907-37. Finding No: MS234;
    photographs, 1913-30s. Finding No: MS235;
    manuscript draft of poem, 1914. Finding No: MS396
  • Driscoll, Albert (fl 1918) of Birmingham, soldier: papers relating to his First World War service on the Western Front, 1914-18. Finding No: MS817
  • Ducarel, Andrew Coltee (1713-1785), antiquary: index to Bishop Gibson's papers, 1758. Finding No: MS341
  • Dukes, E. (fl 1847-52): commonplace book, 1847-52. Finding No: MS92
  • Dunkerley, William Arthur (1852-1941), journalist, novelist and poet:letter, written under the pen name, John Oxenham, to Mrs Colpays ?Ward June 1925. Finding No: LAdd/6373