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  • Keate, Barbara L. D. (fl 1918-1922), nurse: autograph album compiled principally whilst serving in Cumballa War Hospital in Bombay, India, 1918-22. Finding No: MS826
  • Keay, Frank Ernest (1879-1974), Anglican clergyman, missionary and author: personal and family material principally relating to his missionary and clerical career, 1879-c 2010. Finding No: CMS/ACC926
  • Kedge, Lucy Eliza (1905-1978), CMS missionary:
    photographs, 1948-66. Finding No: CMS/ACC401
    photographs and papers, 1960s. Finding No: CMS/ACC493
  • Keene, Mary Anne (fl 1794-96): travel diary of journeys in Britain, 1794-96. Finding No: MS225
  • Kenrick, Archibald (b 1872):
    maps, 1889. Finding No: MS516
    engineering student notebook, 1892. Finding No: MS644
  • Kenyon, Anne (fl 1844): poetry, 1844. Finding No: MS445
  • Kerensky, Alexander Fyodorovich (1881-1970), Prime Minister of Provisional Government of Russia: papers, 1920-70. Finding No: MS126/1
  • Kerensky, Gleb (1907-1990), engineer: papers, 1920-91. Finding No: MS126/4
  • Kerensky, Oleg (1905-1984), civil engineer: papers and correspondence, 1927-88. Finding No: MS126/3
  • Kerensky, Oleg (1930-1993), critic: papers, 1959-93. Finding No: MS126/5
  • Kerensky, Olga (1883-1975): memoirs, correspondence and papers, late 19th century-1988. Finding No: MS126/2
  • Kerr, William Dermot (1907-1975), CMS missionary: diaries and other papers, 1933-53. Finding No: CMS/ACC380
  • Kerr, William John, 5th Marquis of Lothian (1737-1815): accounts, 1779-1800. Finding No: WKL
  • King, Lionel, cricketer and administrator: papers, [late 20th century]. Finding No: MS872
  • King, Peter John Locke (1811-1885), politician: accounts, 1834-39. Finding No: MS527
  • Kirkland, Thomas (fl c 1825): catalogue of books, c 1825. Finding No: MS465
  • Knight, Alice Vera: Correspondence and photographs relating to her experiences living in France whilst working for the American Expeditionary Force in the aftermath of the First World War, 1919. Finding No: MS843
  • Knight, Jill (d 2005), historian: research papers relating to her book on Civil Service Rifles, 1990s. Finding No: MS210
  • Knott, Joshua Robert (fl 1970s-1980s), organ researcher: research papers and publication on Brindley & Foster, late 20th cent. Finding No: BOA