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  • Macintosh, Henry (Harry) Maitland Macintosh (1892-1918), athlete: photographs and cuttings, 1890s-1951. Finding No: HMAC
  • Mackay, Alexander Murdoch (1849-1890), CMS missionary: journal and correspondence, 1876-1950. Finding No: CMS/ACC72
  • Mackenzie, Sir Edward Montague Compton (1883-1972), writer: notebook, early 20th century. Finding No: MS319
  • Maclean, Duncan (1884-1980), athlete and coach: papers, 1948-1977. Finding No: ATH/DM
  • Macneice, Louis (1907-1963), poet and dramatist: poem, c 1940. Finding No: MS561
  • McPhee, Alan (fl 1935-40), social historian: papers relating to research on Sheffield cutlery and allied trades and industrial relations in Sheffield, 1935-40. Finding No: MS80
  • Mamen, Oomen (1830-1904), CMS missionary and Archdeacon of Mavelikara, Anglican Church of India: biography written by his grandson, Mathew Zachariah, privately published, 2009. Finding No: CMS/ACC921
  • Manning, Marion Grace (Ruth) (1900-1981), CMS missionary: photographs and printed papers, 1932-63. Finding No: CMS/ACC477
  • Marowitz, Charles (1934), American critic, theatre director and playwright: typescript prompt copy of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' as adapted by him, 1960s. Finding No: MS833
  • Marks, John L. (fl 1963): papers relating to William Fowkes, wood carver and cabinet maker of Droitwich, 1884-1963. Finding No: MS638
  • Marsh, Sir Edward Howard (1872-1953), public servant and patron of the arts: letters on literary and social matters 1887-1925. Finding No: EM
  • Martin, James (fl 1767) of Sussex: arithmetical exercise book, 1767. Finding No: MS248
  • Martineau, G. (fl 1869-76): notes for religious study, 1869?76. Finding No: MS505
  • Martineau, Harriet (1802-1876), writer and historian:
    correspondence, manuscripts of publications and other papers, 1816-1885. Finding No: HM
    miscellaneous letters, 1840-90. Finding No: HMLAdd
  • Martineau family: papers of Harriet Martineau and her nieces, Maria Martineau, Fanny Anne Martineau (b 1812), Susan Martineau (fl 1852) and Caroline Martineau (fl 1850), 19th century. Finding No: HMM
  • Masterman, Charles Frederick Gurney (1874-1927), politician, author and journalist:
    personal, family and political papers, c 1862-1986. Finding No: CFGM
    personal and literary papers, 1880s-1920s. Finding No: MS298
  • Masterman, Lucy Blanche (1884-1977): personal, literary and other papers, 1900-70s. Finding No: CFGM
  • Mathers, Henry, 1877-1951, and Mathers, Winifred, 1881-1964, missionaries. Finding No: CMS/ACC1020
  • Maundrell, Herbert (1840-1896), CMS missionary, Archdeacon of Japan 1886, Archdeacon of Nagasaki and South Japan 1890: diaries, letter books and other papers, 1875-86. Finding No: CMS/ACC139
  • Maw, Geoffrey Waring (1886-1959), author: personal papers relating to Hindu pilgrimages, 1923-48. Finding No: DA25
  • Maxwell, Alexander (b 1816), son of William Maxwell of Darvagel, Renfrew: letters to his family including letters from the Crimea, 1854-56, as an officer with the Border regiment; and other miscellaneous letters, 1854-1909. Finding No: MAX
  • Maxwell, James Laidlaw l (1836-1921), medical missionary in Taiwan and China: personal and professional papers, 1851-1936. Finding No: DA26/1
  • Maxwell, John Preston (1871-1961), medical missionary in Taiwan and China:
    personal and professional papers, 1864-1951. Finding No: DA26/2
    research papers and addresses, including papers relating to medical conditions, the history of medicine in China and medical mission work, 1901-1967. Finding No: MS862
  • Medley, Joseph and Henry (fl 1814-21), pupils at Kemplay's Academy, Leeds: writing books, 1814-21. Finding No: MS531
  • Mesdag, Hendrik Willem (1831-1915), Dutch marine painter: album of signed photographs of his works, with some sketches, late 19th cent. Finding No: AT Album 6
  • Mill, Charles Watson (d 1933), dramatist and theatre owner: copies of plays, part-books and personal and business papers, including materials relating to his tenure of the Theatre Royal, Leamington Spa, 1910-34. Finding No: MILL
  • Miller, Jane of Sierra Leone, fl mid-19th century: needlework sampler stitched by Miller aged 12 years, 1841. Finding No: MS874
  • Miller, Walter Richard Samuel (1873-1952), CMS missionary: papers, 1897-1959. Finding No: CMS/ACC237
  • Mills, John Gilbert (b 1894), organist: specification notebooks, mid 20th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Mills, Septimus (fl 1784-87), sailor: journal kept while on East India Company ships, 1784-87. Finding No: MS232
  • Milnes-Walker, Winifred Annie see Walker, Winifred Annie Milnes-
  • Mingana, Alphonse (1878-1937), scholar: papers, 1886-1970. Finding No: DA66
  • Moffat, Mary (1795-1871) nee Smith, missionary in Kuruman in South Africa: photocopies of letters to her son, John, 1851-57. Finding No: DA55
  • Moiseiwitsch, Tanya (1916-2003): correspondence, literary and other manuscripts, and printed materials, principally relating to her step father, John Drinkwater (1882-1937), poet and dramatist, 1925-82. Finding No: MS169
  • Monk, Walter Harry (Wal) (1896-c 1965), athlete: papers, 1918-1961. Finding No: ATH/WHM
  • Moore, Henry (b 1882), soldier, Cheshire regiment: standard army 'Soldier's Small Book', 1901-03. Finding No: MS807
  • Moore-Hepplestone, Derek: organ notebooks, 20th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Morgan, Wilf (b 1935), athlete and athletics historian: papers, 1937-2012. Finding No: ATH/WM
  • Mosley, Cynthia Blanche (1898-1933) nee Curzon: personal correspondence and papers relating to her political life, 1906-39. Finding No: OMN/A
  • Mosley, (Katharine) Maud (1873-1950) nee Edwards-Heathcote, wife of Oswald Mosley, 5th Baronet: diaries and correspondence, 1896-1945. Finding No: OMN/C
  • Mosley, Sir Oswald Ernald (1896-1980), 6th Baronet, MP, Fascist Leader:
    personal and political papers, 1909-83. Finding No: OMN/B
    personal and political papers, including materials relating to the British Union of Fascists and the Union Movement, 1920s-80s. Finding No: OMD
  • Mottram, Ralph Hale (1883-1971), author: letters mainly concerned with Fabes's bibliography of his works, 1928-46. Finding No: RHM
  • Moule, Edith Mary (1869-1944), nee Bernau, CMS missionary: journals, 1903-09. Finding No: CMS/ACC407
  • Moule, George Evans (1828-1912), CMS missionary:
    memoranda books, 1864-96. Finding No: CMS/ACC98;
    Moule family correspondence, 1857-1950. Finding No: CMS/ACC285;
    diaries, notebooks and copies of articles, 1841-1924. Finding No: CMS/ACC357
  • Moulson, Arthur (1905-1928) of Manchester: medal awarded by the Manchester YMCA Ping Pong League, 1928. Finding No: YMCA/ACC44
  • Mulcaster, James (fl 1744-47): letter book, 1744-47. Finding No: MS692
  • Munn, Marguerite (1870-1962) nee Bryant, author: poetry, 1900. Finding No: MS474
  • Murray-Scott, Sir John (1847-1912), art collector: correspondence, 1866-1907. Finding No: MS176
  • Mushet, George (b 1781), ironfounder of Hermitage Iron Works, Alfreton, Derbyshire and of Dalkeith, Scotland: journal, 1805-13. Finding No: MS575
  • Myers, Mary T. (1880-1959), CMS missionary: papers, 1919-60. Finding No: CMS/ACC6
  • Myles, David (fl 1980-2005), YMCA worker:  papers, printed materials and artefacts, 20th cent. Finding No: YMCA/ACC41
  • Mynors, Thomas Halliday Baskerville (fl 1950), author: notes on Moru grammar, 20th century. Finding No: DA28
  • Mytton, William (1693-1746) of Halston, Shropshire, antiquary: drawings, copies of manuscripts, pedigrees and other genealogical memoranda principally relating to Shropshire churches, c 1730. Finding No: MYT