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  • Padwick, Constance Evelyn (1886-1968), missionary: papers, 1917-45. Finding No: DA33
  • Paget, Arthur Gordon Westwood (1893-1989), Anglican clergyman and pioneer in organ conservation: albums, notebooks and correspondence, 20th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Painter, Arthur Frederick (1853-1938) missionary: revised edition of 'Arthur Frederick Painter 1853-1938: A Biographical Note' by Desmond Painter (b 1933), 2014. Finding No: CMS/ACC1008
  • Painting, Norman (1924-2009), actor, writer and broadcaster: literary and personal papers including scripts, poetry, ‘The Archers’ and other BBC material, correspondence and photographs, [1790]-2009. Finding No: MS200
  • Pardoe, F. E. (Bill) (1915-2002) of Birmingham, printer: correspondence and papers, 1948-97. Finding No: MS121
  • Parker, Robert (d 1776), clergyman: copy book, 1744-68. Finding No: MS541
  • Parkes, Joseph (1796-1865), election agent and reformer: correspondence and papers relating to his work on the Junius letters, 1763-1841. Finding No: JUN
  • Parry, William (1687-1756) of Shipston-on-Stour, calligrapher and numismatist: letters to John Seagrave, 1747-51. Finding No: MS621
  • Pashkov, Vassili Alexandrovich (fl 1870-1901), Russian army officer and Baptist convert: literary papers, correspondence and printed materials, 1877-1909. Finding No: VP
  • Paton, David Macdonald (1913-1992), clergyman and missionary in China: papers relating to mission work in China, 1929-86. Finding No: DA34
  • Paton, William (1886-1943), Secretary International Missionary Council: correspondence, 1910-43. Finding No: DA35
  • Patrick, Symon (fl 1686), bishop: sermon preached in St Paul's, Covent Garden, 1686. Finding No: MS380
  • Patrickson, Margaret Simpson (1902-1984), CMS missionary: photograph albums, 1931-58. Finding No: CMS/ACC563
  • Paul, Charles Kegan (1828-1902), author: signed manuscript letter sent to Charles Robert Ashbee (1863-1942) enclosed in a copy of H. Drustowitz’s published study of Percy Bysshe Shelley, dated 1884. Finding No: LAdd/6412
  • Payne, Anthony (b 1936), composer: 'finished' score of Edward Elgar's Third Symphony (elaborated from Elgar's sketches), 1995-98. Finding No: MS809
  • Payne, Howard (1931-1992), athlete: papers, 1899-[c 1975]. Finding No: ATH/HP
  • Payne, John (1842-1916), poet: literary manuscripts and correspondence, 1869-1914. Finding No: JPC
  • Payne, William Laporte (d c 1924), Anglican clergyman: personal, family and official papers, 1899-1911. Finding No: MS125
  • Pearne, Robert (fl 1673): commonplace book, 1673. Finding No: MS566
  • Pearson, Jane Frances Matilda (fl 1824): travel diary, 1824. Finding No: MS223
  • Peck, Thomas Whitmore (fl 1950), biographer of William Withering: research papers, 1540-1940. Finding No: WIT
  • Pelham-Clinton, William see Clinton, William Pelham-
  • Pelham family: notebooks, c 1600. Finding No: MS390
  • Penn, William (fl 1829-33) of Clifford Chambers, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire: journal, 1829-33. Finding No: MS700
  • Pennell, Alice Maud (d 1957), CMS missionary: personal and research papers, 1912-25. Finding No: CMS/ACC365
  • Pennell, Theodore Leighton (d 1912), CMS missionary: personal papers, 1850-1912. Finding No: CMS/ACC365
  • Penrose, Donald (fl 1920s-1930s), organist: scrap albums of cuttings, early-mid 20th cent. Finding No: BOA
  • Percy, John (1817-1889), metallurgist and doctor:
    notes, 1823-88. Finding No: MS703
    papers and notes, 1840s-80s. Finding No: MS768
  • Phillips, John: letters and other papers relating to Henry Reed, 1937-86. Finding No: MS61
  • Phillipps, Sir Thomas (1792-1872), antiquary and bibliophile: correspondence, 1739-1828. Finding No: TD
  • Pierce, William (1580-1670), Bishop of Bath and Wells: book of notes for sermons, c 1640.  Finding No: MS425
  • Pole, Dorothy Florence (1892-1981), CMS missionary: photographs, lantern slides and printed booklets, 1880-1937.  Finding No: CMS/ACC506
  • Pow, James (1738-1817) of Newcastle-upon-Tyne: commonplace book, c 1760-1810.  Finding No: MS619
  • Powell, Edgar Robert Leslie (Peter) (fl 1920s-70s), athlete and athlectics administrator: papers, 1813-1988.  Finding No: ATH/ERLP
  • Powell, Frederick (fl 1918-19), YMCA worker: transcripts of war diaries. Finding No: YMCA/ACC8
  • Power, G. N. (fl 1831) of Clifton: commonplace book, 1831. Finding No: MS573
  • Pratt, Harry (fl 1933), Honorary Organising Secretary of the Midland Union of Conservative Associations: illuminated address, 1933. Finding No: MS782
  • Prest, Ann (b c 1748) of Bedale, Yorkshire: diaries, 1769-76. Finding No: MS52
  • Price, George (fl 1854-64) of Birmingham: journals, 1854-64. Finding No: MS367
  • Price, Llewellyn Griffith Scott (fl 1890-1921), CMS missionary: papers and photographs, 1891-1921. Finding No: CMS/ACC492
  • Priestley, Lady Eliza (1829-1900), wife of Sir William Overend Priestley, surgeon: letters, 1875-1905. Finding No: EP
  • Priestley, Joseph (1733-1804), theologian and natural philosopher:
    letters, Finding No: JP
    manuscript of work, c 1800. Finding No: MS352
  • Priestley family of Yorkshire: memoirs and other papers, c 1860. Finding No: MS231
  • Pryce, Eliza (fl 1819) of Fairview: collection of poems and extracts by various authors, 1819. Finding No: MS572
  • Pym, Sybil Vere Margaret ‘Daisy’ (1884-1982), missionary: personal correspondence sent from CMS women missionaries to China. Correspondents comprise Rebe Loxton Williams, Frieda [Pauline] Cannell, Annie Settle and Dorothy A[nne] Martin, dated 1920-1928. Finding No: CMS/ACC1015