The University Heritage Archive collection

The University Heritage Archive is the historical record of the University of Birmingham and its predecessor and associated organisations.

We collect official University records of permanent historical value, which document the history and activities of the University and of its students and staff.

These archives form the University’s corporate memory and are an essential part of its heritage. They constitute a rich and valuable resource for learning, teaching and research, to support the study of the history and development of the University and of higher education in Birmingham.

Archive dates

Archive material has been progressively deposited with Special Collections since 1965, and official University records selected for permanent preservation continue to be transferred. The archives date from 1828 onwards and include records of:

  • Mason Science College (Mason University College from 1898): 1880–1900
  • Birmingham (later Royal) School of Medicine and Surgery: 1828–1843
  • Queen’s College: 1843–1892
  • University of Birmingham: 1900–
  • Selly Oak Colleges including Westhill College

Records include

  • Complete runs of official publications including Calendars; Annual Reports; Regulations; Syllabi and Examination Papers
  • Minutes of University committees
  • Financial records
  • Records of academic departments and corporate offices
  • Student records, including records of the Guild of Students and student and university societies
  • Correspondence
  • Photographs and plans

Other papers 

As well as the official University Archive, Special Collections also houses papers of some former members of staff and students. Although these papers are not part of the official Archive, they often directly relate to and complement it. They also include papers relating to Queen’s College and Mason Science College, and to some members of Selly Oak Colleges.

Further resources

Senate House Library, University of London  Lists of students and University of London graduates, 1836-1930 including students studying at Mason Science College 1880-1900.