Papers of University staff: A-D

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Adams, Henry (Hal) Packwood (fl 1921-65), Lecturer in History: typescript of unpublished work; photograph; correspondence. Finding No: US102

Arber, Edward (1836-1912), Professor of English Language and Literature, Mason Science College, 1881-94: correspondence; notebooks; personal papers; list of publications with brief autobiography. Finding No: US4

Ashley, William James (1860-1927), Professor of Commerce, 1901-25: correspondence; press cuttings; articles and photocopies of notes. Finding No: US64


Bachtin, Nicholas (1895-1950), Lecturer in Linguistics: papers relating to a proposed edition of Plato's Cratylus and linguistic topics; biographical notes; notebooks; lectures; correspondence; personal papers. Finding No: US5

Bantock, Sir Granville (1868-1946), Professor of Music, 1908-34: original music manuscripts; printed items. Finding No: GB

Barker, Geoffrey Russell (1923-1977), economic historian: Tables of Soviet social statistics, intended for an uncompleted handbook, together with copies of CREES reports, 1970s. Finding No: US128

Barker, Sidney Alan (b.1926): reports and publications; personal papers; photographs and ephemera. Finding No: US116

Beazley, Sir Raymond (1868-1955), Professor of History, 1909-33: notes; manuscripts and typescripts of his works; press cuttings; correspondence; printed papers. Finding No: US6

Berry, Helen (1931), Secretary, Faculty of Commerce and Social Science, 1950-68 and School of History, 1968-88: news cuttings; printed material; ephemera, 1950-2010s. Finding No: US80

Billington, William (1876-1932), Professor of Surgery, 1924-32, surgeon at the Queen's Hospital, Birmingham: typescript lectures; medical case notebooks and photographs. Finding No: US100

Bonser, Wilfrid (fl 1927-52), University Librarian 1929-52: typescript papers. Finding No: US97

Bradbury, Robert Elwyn (fl 1951-61), Lecturer in the Centre for West African Studies: notes and records of tours to Benin in southern Nigeria relating to language, culture and folk-lore. Finding No: US3

Bridge, Thomas William (1848-1909), Professor of Biology, Mason College, Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, University of Birmingham, 1880-1909: manuscripts of writings. Finding No: US106

Brooks, Nicholas Peter (1941-2014), Professor of Early Medieval History 1985-2004: research papers and correspondence, 1960s-2014. Finding No: US142

Bryer, Anthony (b. 1937), Professor of Byzantine Studies: research papers, photographs, and slides, 1960s-1990s. Finding No: US147

Burcham, William Ernest (1913-2009), Professor of Physics, 1951-80: papers principally relating his research activities, including the development of cyclotron and radar, but also including some papers relating to his administrative and teaching roles in the Physics Department and to his personal life, 1939-1990s. Finding No: US56


Carlier, Edmond William Wace (1861-1940), Professor of Physiology, 1900-27: correspondence, lecture notes; printed articles.Finding No: US47

Case, R. A. M. (fl 1948-53), Association of British Chemical Manufacturers' Research Fellow, 1948-53: papers relating to bladder cancer and the chemical industry including legal case papers. Finding No: US43

Chambers, Charles Douglas (d 1921), Lecturer in Latin, 1904-21: notebook. Finding No: US10

Chinn, Carl (b 1956), Professor of Birmingham Community History: papers relating to research into the history of bookmaking, betting and gambling. Finding No: US39

Cohen, Ronald Alban (1907-2001), Honorary Lecturer and Senior Research fellow, Dental History Unit, Dental School at the Dental School: correspondence; manuscript and printed notes; other research materials principally relating to dental history; published pamphlets, offprints and articles. Finding No: US71

Colley, Derek Charles (b 1930), Lecturer, later Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor in Physics, 1955-59 and 1962-90: collected papers. Finding No: US23

Collins, John Churton (1848-1908), Professor of English, 1904-08: notebooks. Finding No: US7

Curtis, Bernard (fl 1970s), Lecturer in the Faculty of Education: papers relating to the organisation of the conference of the British Society for Phenomenology, 1976. Finding No: US68


Dales, Leslie, technician: album containing photographs of members of staff in the Engineering and Metallurgy departments at the University of Birmingham, and group photographs of Engineering or Metallurgy students, 1960s-1970s. Finding No: US144

Davis, Benjamin Tillett (1920-1998), Senior Lecturer in Forensic Pathology: research papers relating to history of health, medicine, and Birmingham hospitals and the Birmingham Medical School; accounts of autopsies, post mortems and attendance at inquests; minutes of the Inominate Club; photographs. Finding No: US86

Davies, Robert William (b.1925), Professor of Soviet Economic Studies, 1965-1990: research papers and correspondence largely relating to work on the Soviet economy, and including research undertaken with E.H.Carr and correspondence between Davies and Carr, 1930s-2000s. Finding No: US125

De Selincourt, Ernest, 1870-1943, scholar and literary critic, Professor of English: University of Birmingham staff member, papers date 1926-1947. Finding No: US1

Duncan-Jones, Austin (1908-1967), Professor of Philosophy, 1951: correspondence with other philosophers regarding the establishment of the journal, Analysis. Finding No: US28