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Edwards, John Hilton (1928-2007), Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Medicine 1956-58, 1961-66, Reader in Human Genetics 1966-69, Professor in Human Genetics 1969-79: papers relating to Lancelot Hogben (1895-1975) and his work. Finding No: US99

Edwards, Paul Dawson- (1919-2008), Consultant Urological Surgeon: offprints, typescript account of research visit to Boston USA, miscellaneous papers relating to the work of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the urology unit there, 1950s-1980s. Finding No: US143

Elgar, Sir Edward William (1857-1934), composer, Professor of Music, 1904-08: diaries; correspondence; scores; other printed material. Finding No: EE

Evans, Hywel Berwyn, 1915-2006, Librarian: Collection of personal papers, photographs, and ephemera including papers relating to H. B. Evans' studies at the University of Birmingham in the 1930s and to his career at the University of Birmingham Library, as well as material relating to his research on Voltaire, some family papers and photographs, and ephemera, 1920s-2000s. Finding No: US150


Fiedler, Hermann Georg (1862-1945), Professor of German, 1890-1907: correspondence relating to the founding of the University and the establishment of a School of Modern Languages. Finding No: UB/MISC/HGF

Franklin, Cyril H. H. (b 1885), Lecturer in the Electrical Engineering Department, 1921-35: correspondence; photographs; typescript copy of autobiography; other papers. Finding No: US37

Fremlin, John Heaver (b 1913), Research Fellow Department of Physics 1945-46: collected papers. Finding No: US36


Galway, Margaret Higginson, (b 1900), Lecturer in English: lecture and other notes; manuscript and typescript copies of articles and unpublished work, offprints. Finding No: US25

Gray, Ann, cultural theorist: Papers relating to the work of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. Finding No: US120

Green, Michael (1942-2010), cultural theorist: Papers relating to Green's teaching activities in the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies and the Department of Cultural Studies and Sociology, together with some personal papers relating to his academic career and his involvement in the women?s liberation playgroup in Calthorpe Park in the 1970s, 1970s-2000s. Finding No: US129

Grenville, John Ashley Soames (1928-2011), Professor of Modern History, 1969-1994: research papers largely relating to 'The Jews of Hamburg: The Death of a Civilization from 1790 to the Holocaust' including notes, chapter drafts, and supporting papers including photocopies of records from German state archives, 1930s-2011.Finding No: US126


Hall, Stuart (b.1932), cultural theorist: Papers relating to Hall's research activities at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies.Finding No: STH

Hancock, Sir William Keith (1898-1988), historian: Typescript survey of the mixed farming of Bomo village area, Nigeria, with associated correspondence, 1940. Finding No: US124

Hargreaves, Anthony Dalzell (1904-1959), Professor of Law, 1950-59: autograph albums; notes; papers relating to the Solihull Fire Watch, 1940-45. Finding No: US8

Harvey, John Wilfred (fl 1913-27), Lecturer in Philosophy, 1913-27: printed pamphlets; correspondence; photographs. Finding No: US60

Hawkes, John Gregory (b 1915), Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Taxonomic Botany, 1952-61, Professor of Taxonomic Botany (Personal Chair), 1961-67, Mason Professor of Botany and Head of Plant Biology Department, 1967-82: photograph albums. Finding No: US84

Hawkesworth, Michael Rowling (d 2005), Lecturer in Physics: research papers; correspondence; articles; notebooks and folders of student lecture notes. Finding No: US85

Haworth, Sir (Walter) Norman (1883-1950), Professor of Chemistry, 1925-48: awards and medals; honorary degree certificates. Finding No: US90

Hick, John Harwood (1922-2012), philosopher of religion and theologian, Professor of Theology: Copy of special issue of 'Studies on Religion' 2012, volume 25, published by the Keio Study Group of Philosophy of Religion at Keio University, Tokyo, containing essays, memorial lectures, and presentations in memory of the late Dr John Hick, written in Japanese. Finding No: US136

Hilton, Rodney Howard (1916-2002), Lecturer and Reader in Medieval History, 1946-63, Professor of Medieval Social History, 1963-82: research notes; proofs; lecture notes; manuscripts of published articles; papers relating to conferences, talks and radio broadcasts; correspondence. Finding No: US78

Hogben, Lancelot Thomas (1895-1975), Professor of Zoology, 1941-47 and Medical Genetics, 1947-61: manuscript, typescript and printed papers. Finding No: US11

Humphreys, Humphrey Francis (1885-1977), Professor of Dental Surgery, Vice Chancellor: collected published papers 1920-58, texts of some unpublished addresses, 1945-62, typescript of reminiscences, 1962. Finding No: US109

Humphreys, John (1850-1937), Lecturer in Dental Anatomy and Physiology: Personal papers consisting of notebooks on various aspects of local history and archaeology relating to Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Shropshire, and reprints of papers given to local antiquarian and archaeological societies, 1905-1925. Finding No:US130

Humphreys, Kenneth William (1916-1995), Librarian, 1952-75: correspondence; research materials, drafts and copies of publications relating to librarianship. Finding No: US35

Hutchison, Terence Wilmot (1912-2007), Professor of Economics 1956-78: drafts and copies of published articles, conference papers and book reviews; notes, papers and correspondence; manuscripts of lectures. Finding No: US74;
papers relating to his career, 1934-1956. Finding No: MS819


Jinks, John Leonard (1929-1987), Professor of Genetics, 1965-85, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor: research notes; publications; biographical material. Finding No: US17

Johnson, Marion (fl 1969-88), Lecturer at the Centre for West African Studies, 1969-70, Honorary Fellow 1970-88: publications; offprints; notebooks; research material; correspondence. Finding No:US26

Johnson, Richard (b.1939), Lecturer and Director, Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, 1974-1990s: Research papers, correspondence and substantial material relating to the activities of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. Finding No: US119

Jones, Austin Duncan- (1908-1967), Professor of Philosophy, 1951: correspondence with other philosophers regarding the establishment of the journal, Analysis. Finding No: US28


Kapp, Gisbert (1852-1922), Professor of Electrical Engineering, 1905-19: fragments of autobiography; biography; correspondence.Finding No: US24

Kinvig, Robert Henry (1893-1969), Professor of Geography 1948-68: collection of invitations and menus. Finding No: US31

Kuttner, Brian (1908-1992), Assistant Lecturer, 1932 Lecturer, 1936, Senior Lecturer, 1952, Reader, 1955 in the Mathematics Department, and Professor Mathematical Analysis, 1969: writings.Finding No: US89


Lafitte, Francois (1913-2002), Professor of Social Policy and Administration and Head of Social Administration Department, later Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Social Science 1965-68: published and unpublished writings; research and teaching notes; personal and family papers and correspondence including papers of his wife Eileen Lafitte; photographs; various papers of and relating to Havelock Ellis. Finding No: US72

Lambourne, Robert Alfred (1917-1972), Lecturer in the Department of Theology: papers relating to pastoral theology. Finding No: US12

Lapworth, Charles (1842-1920), Professor of Geology and Physiography, 1881-1913: research notes. Finding No: US9

Lawson, G. (fl 1942-60), Lecturer in Mining and Minerals Engineering: notebooks and samples; other papers. Finding No: US30

Lewis, Anthony Carey (1915-1983), Professor of Music at the University of Birmingham, 1947-68: copies of correspondence.Finding No: US32

Lightwood, Raymond (1922-2001), Engineer, Researcher and Technician, Department of Surgery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 1960-87: research papers, notes, drawings and photographs principally relating to cardiac pacemaking; personal papers. Finding No: US69

Lockhart, Robert Douglas (1894-1987), Professor of Anatomy, 1931: draft manuscripts and proofs of work; research notes. Finding No: US46

Lodge, David John (b 1935), novelist, Lecturer, Reader and Professor of English, 1960-87, Honorary Professor 1987-: literary and research papers; working notes; correspondence. Finding No: DL

Lodge, Sir Oliver (1851-1940), physicist and Principal of the University, 1900-19: correspondence; press cuttings; diaries. Finding No: OJL

Lowenstein, Otto Egon (1906-1999), Mason Professor of Zoology and Comparative Physiology, 1952-74: research notes; correspondence; scripts for television programme; publications and offprints. Finding No: US42