Papers of University staff: M-R

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Mathers, James (1916-1986), Lecturer in Pastoral Studies, Theology Department and social psychiatrist: collected papers. Finding No: US82

McNeal, Maureen, cultural theorist: Teaching materials prepared for use in courses in the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, 1980s-1990s. Finding No: US141

Mitchell, William Fraser (1900-1988), Professor of Education, Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham: typescript and published poetry. Finding No: US101

Moon, Philip Burton (1907-1994), Lecturer, Reader and Poynting Professor in Physics, 1938-74: biographical papers; research papers; drafts, publications, lectures and broadcasts; correspondence. Finding No: US16

Morgan, Paul (1916-2006), Assistant Librarian, 1947?60: personal correspondence; research notes; reminiscences. Finding No: US75

Morley, David (b.1949), cultural theorist (additional deposit): transcript of presentation entitled 'Encoding/Decoding', written as a retrospective to accompany the field research for the Nationwide Audience project carried out by Morley in the 1970s, and given as a verbal presentation 2014. Finding No: US131

Moss, Kenneth Neville (1891-1942), Professor of Mining, 1922-42: scripts of lectures and broadcasts. Finding No: US54

Mucklow, Graham Fernie, (1894-1973), Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1940-59: certificates; technical publications and papers. Finding No: US93

Muirhead, John Henry (1855-1940), Professor of Philosophy and Political Economy: unfinished manuscripts relating to philosophy. Finding No: US61

Munrow, Albert Davis (1908-1970), Director of Physical Education 1939-70: papers; reviews; publications; correspondence. Finding No: US67


Nicklin, Phyllis Amelia, 1909-1969, geography tutor: 35mm colour slides, mostly kodachrome transparencies, taken and used by Phyllis Nicklin in the classes she taught as a staff tutor in Geography in the Extra-Mural Department at the University of Birmingham in the 1950s and 1960s. The slides contain images of Birmingham, including the city centre and the districts and suburbs, with a particular focus on buildings and urban topography. There are also some street scenes. Finding No: US149

Nicoll, John Ramsay Allardyce (1894-1976), Professor of English Language and Literature, 1945-61 and Director of the Shakespeare Institute at Stratford-upon-Avon: correspondence; personal copies and typescripts of published works. Finding No: US27

Norris, Richard Hill (1831-1916), Professor of Physiology, Queen's College, 1862-91: papers relating work on photography and on the physiology and pathology of blood, and on spiritualism. Finding No: US41


O’Shea, Alan (b.1940), cultural theorist: research papers generated by O’Shea and other members of the Media Group at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, 1977-1978. Finding No: US127


Pardoe, William John (1909-1968), artist and photographer: Correspondence, photographs, ephemeral material, and copies of publications containing medical diagrams and illustrations. Finding No: US123

Parsons, Sir Leonard Gregory (1879-1950), Professor of Child Health, 1928-46: biographical material; personal correspondence; offprints of papers. Finding No: US48

Pedoe, Dan (b 1910), Lecturer in Mathematics, 1942-45: papers. Finding No: US76

Peel, Sir Edwin (1911-1992), Professor of Education, 1950-78: papers. Finding No: US105

Phillips, Owen Hood (1907-1986), Barber Professor of Jurisprudence, 1946-74: manuscript and typescript notes; articles; news cuttings; correspondence; unpublished work. Finding No: DSH/US59

Pickvance, T. Joseph (b 1911), Staff Tutor in Natural Science, Extra-Mural Department 1949-71 and Assistant Director of Extra-Mural Studies, 1971-73: reports and publications; photographs and ephemera. Finding No: US65

Picton, Jacob Glyndwr (fl 1961-78), Lecturer, Faculty of Commerce and Social Science: personal papers relating service on NHS Committees, Wages Councils and other bodies. Finding No: US34

Poynting, John Henry (1852-1914), Professor of Physics, Mason College later University of Birmingham, 1880?1914: personal and family papers. Finding No: US55

Priestley, Sir Raymond Edward (1886-1974), Knight, Geologist, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, 1938-53: printed texts of papers, lectures and essays; diaries; other papers. Finding No: US38


Reagan, Franklin P. (b 1890), Lecturer in the Department of Anatomy 1938-55: prints of anatomical drawings of mammals; manuscript notes. Finding No: US45

Rimmer, Douglas (1927-2004), Lecturer in Economics 1961-74, Deputy Director of the Centre of West African studies 1974-82, Director of the Centre of West African Studies 1982-87: school and undergraduate course notebooks; essays, papers and lectures; correspondence and diaries; other papers. Finding No: US94

Ritchie, R. L. Graeme (1880-1954), Professor of French, 1919-46: sketch of members of the French Department. Finding No: US70

Roberts, Alun: Photographs of members of academic and administrative staff of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, together with photographs of other University of Birmingham officers, 1970s-1980s. Finding No: US148

Robertson, Sir Charles Grant (1869-1948), Principal 1920-38; Vice Chancellor 1927-38: typescripts, manuscripts and galley proofs of writings and speeches. Finding No: US95

Ross, Alan Strode Campbell (1907-1980), Professor of Linguistics: correspondence; notes. Finding No: US29