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Selincourt, Ernest de (1870-1943), Professor of English, 1908-35: manuscripts and proofs of publications; notebooks; reviews of publications and other press cuttings; offprints of articles. Finding No: US1

Shapiro, Isaac Avi (1904-2004), Lecturer, Department of English: Notes and working papers relating to research and teaching including lecture notes; correspondence, testimonials and personalia; research materials. Finding No: US79

Shrewsbury, John Findlay Drew (1898-1971), Professor of Bacteriology, 1937-63: correspondence; research notes and notebooks; printed material; drafts of published works. Finding No: US50

Skyrme, Tony Hilton Royle (1922-1987), Professor of Mathematical Physics, 1964-87: research notes; teaching materials. Finding No: US18

Smith, Anthony (b.1935), novelist and playwright: Research produced as Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies for the Joseph Rowntree Memorial Trust project on the Popular Press and Social Change, 1930-1965. Finding No: US140

Smith, Barbara Mary Dimond (b 1929), Lecturer in the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies: typescript text and research for unpublished work on the industrial history of Birmingham. Finding No: US88

Smith, Henry Arthur (b 1914), Lecturer, Department of English, 1933-69: notebooks compiled during his Ph.D. research into William Hale White (1831-1913), novelist (under the pseudonym of Mark Rutherford). Copies of photographs of Smith and other family members; memoranda and letters mostly sent by Richard Hoggart to colleagues in the English Department and School of Education at the University of Birmingham in October and November 1969 concerning the content of Henry Arthur Smith's papers, including his notebooks on William Hale White, and working files used by Smith as Secretary for the Atlantic Awards scheme, 1914-1969. Finding No: US62

Smith, Robert Ernest Frederick (1922-2010), Professor of Russian: Personal and Research Papers, 20th cent. (Acc.2010/20). Finding No: US115

Smout, Charles Frederick Victor (1895-1978), Professor of Anatomy 1948-61: notebooks; folder of medical notes. Finding No: US49

Sonnenschein, Edward Adolf (1851-1929), Classical Scholar, Professor of Greek and Latin at Mason College and University of Birmingham 1883-1918: Research papers largely consisting of offprints of articles published in 'The Classical Review,' correspondence between Sonnenchein and other classical scholars, a letter from Oliver Lodge to Sonnenschein following the publication of his book 'The Soul of Grammar', volume of press cuttings compiled by Sonnenschein on subjects that interested him, 1887-1928, notebook containing notes made as an undergraduate at University College, Oxford in 1873; and notes on classical metre. Finding No: US98

Sparks, Colin, cultural theorist: Papers relating to and generated by the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. Finding No: US122

Spencer, Terence John Bew (1915-1978), Professor of English and Director of the Shakespeare Institute, 1958-78: reviews, articles and speeches. Finding No: DSH/US58

Stacey, Maurice (1907-1994), Lecturer, Reader and Mason Professor in Chemistry, 1936-74: autobiographical reminiscences; reports of overseas visits; research papers and notebooks; biographical memoirs; correspondence. Finding No: US15

Stiles, Walter (1886-1966), Professor of Botany, 1929-51: research papers; working papers; royalty statements. Finding No: US2

Styles, Philip (1905-1976), Lecturer, 1932-49 and Reader in English History, 1949-70: editorial typescript; correspondence. Finding No: US22


Thompson, James (b 1932), University Librarian 1989-95: manuscript and typescript and working notes for his history of the University library. Finding No: US57

Thompson, Sir Michael Warwick (b 1931), Vice-Chancellor and Principal, 1987-96, scientist: notebooks; research papers and reports; publications and lectures; material relating to teaching and administration of the University of Sussex. Finding No: US14

Thomson, Sir Arthur Peregrine (1890-1977), Professor of Therapeutics, and Vice-Principal: research notes; copies of speeches and addresses; publications; commonplace books; material relating to the Buckland Club, a University dining society. Finding No: US51

Thomson, George Derwent (1903-1987), Professor of Greek, 1937-70: notebooks. Finding No: US19

Thornton, (Robert) Kelsey Rought (b 1938), Professor of English, 1989-2000: drawings and sketches of members of Birmingham University academic and administrative staff with accompanying notes. Finding No: US77

Tilden, Sir William Augustus (1842-1926), Professor of Chemistry, Mason College 1880-94: research correspondence; photograph album containing portraits of members of Mason College staff; scrapbooks; medals and ephemera. Finding No: US66

Travers, Stephen (fl 1950-1973), Chemistry Department, Scientific instrument maker 1950-73: published papers; photographs and letters of reference relating to his work. Finding No: US63

Turner, Harold (1911-2002), Presbyterian minister, missionary scholar, Director Centre for New Religious Movements, Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham: research papers. Finding No: US114

Twiss, Douglas Frank (1883-1951), scientist: published works and articles; University of Birmingham gown and Colwyn Medal awarded in 1935. Finding No: US92


Wade, Owen Lyndon (b 1921), Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Medicine, 1951-57; Professor of Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology, 1971-86: papers comprising autobiographical reminiscences, personal and professional correspondence, diaries, medical notebooks, research notes and papers, family papers. Finding No: US83

Walker, John (b 1921), Lecturer, Reader and Professor of Applied Nuclear Science, 1963-88, Director of Birmingham Radiation Centre, 1968-84, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, 1973-78: collected papers. Finding No: US107

Waterhouse, Ellis Kirkham (1905-1985), art historian, Director of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts: Typescript and handwritten notes and copies of lectures, largely on sixteenth and seventeenth century painting and sculpture. Finding No: US139

Watson, George Neville (1886-1965), Mason Professor of Mathematics, 1918-51: articles; notes; lectures; correspondence. Finding No: US20

Whitehouse, Harold Beckwith (1882-1943), Professor of Midwifery and Diseases of Women: typescript text of Ingleby lectures delivered by him, 1920. Finding No: US113

Whitfield, Allan George Williams (fl 1966-1974), Professor of Medicine, 1966-74: draft and printed copies of publications on clinical medicine and historical topics. Finding No: US52

Whitfield, John Humphreys (1906-1995), Serena Professor of Italian Language and Literature, 1947-70: papers. Finding No: US21

Whitting, Philip David (fl 1950s), Lecturer in Classics: lecture notes and research on Byzantine history Finding No: US87

Wilkinson, Kenneth Douglas, Physician, Professor of Therapeutics 1929-1950: Photographs and ephemera largely relating to his work at Birmingham Children's Hospital. Finding No: US151

Willetts, Ronald F. (1915-1999), Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor of Greek, 1946-81: material relating to role as Public Orator. Finding No: US81

Wilson, Rev. John Michael (1916-1999) Senior Lecturer in Pastoral Studies:  papers relating to work in public health and pastoral care, 1970s-1980s. Finding No: US118

Windle, Sir Bertram Coghill Alan (1858-1929), Professor of Anatomy at Mason Science College and University of Birmingham, 1884-1905: diaries; scrapbooks; other papers and correspondence on the founding of the University of Birmingham. Finding Nos: US73, US40

Wishart, David Matthew Garrick (1928-2003), Head of School of Mathematics: material and research notes relating to history of the Mathematics department at the University of Birmingham including correspondence; photographs; memorabilia. Finding No: US96

Wynn, William Henry (1878-1956), Professor of Medicine, 1926-46: lecture texts; writings; correspondence; offprints of papers by others on medical subjects. Finding No: US108


Zuckerman, Solly (1904-1993) Baron Zuckerman, Sands Cox Professor of Anatomy, 1943-68: proof copies of publication 'New System of Anatomy', 1961. Finding No: US91