Papers of former students, A-K

These papers typically consist of course notes, essays and examination papers; correspondence; photographs and other material relating to individuals' time as students, and mostly relate to students who studied at the University during the first half of the twentieth century, although there are also papers of some later students, and a small amount of material relating to Mason College students.

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Allen, George Cyril (1900-1982), economist, BCom 1921, MCom 1922, PhD 1928: letters of reference; printed materials; personal correspondence. Finding No: USS37

Astley, Roy, 1920-2000, Paediatric Radiologist: Small collection of reprints of published research together with five black and white photographs of the cinecamera used by Astley in his clinical practice at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, reprints of published research used by Astley, and obituary, 1941-2003. Finding No: USS108

Baker, Mary (b 1908), BA English 1930, Dip in Ed 1931: student notebooks; examination papers; material relating to teaching training. Finding No: USS14

Barker, Philip Edwin: Illustrated curriculum vitae containing details about Barker's studies at the University of Birmingham including degrees in chemical engineering, and his academic career at the University of Birmingham and the University of Aston as well as visiting lectureships and consultancy posts both in the UK and abroad. Finding No: USS111

Barnwell (nee Gillies), Joan, 1927-1995, Photographs and ephemera including University of Birmingham athletics medals, 1940s. Finding No: USS124

Batsleer, Janet: Papers of and relating to work of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies during the period Janet Batsleer was a postgraduate student there in the late 1970s, particularly focusing on research of the English Studies sub-group 1978-1979 and including research papers for the CCCS pamphlet on women and fascism, but also wider connections between members of the Centre and other groups concerned with literature and politics at the time, 1970s. Finding No: USS90

Benwell, Roy Malborn (b 1937), BSc Physics: lecture and laboratory notes, printed materials and photographs, 1955-88. Finding No: USS49

Bishop, Walter William, BSc Geography, 1952; Cert in Ed, 1953, PhD (Geology), 1956: letters written and received in his capacity as President of the Guild of Undergraduates, 1954/1955; photograph. Finding No: USS21

Blanchard, Allan Frederick (b 1925), BSc 1946: photocopy of manuscript of essay submitted for the Chancellor's Prize entitled 'The University of the Future', 1944. Finding No: USS12

Bolton, Ernest Nigel (b 1916), MB, ChB, 1940: correspondence and other papers. Finding No: USS26

Boome, Edward James (1883-1954), physician: copy of Edward James Boome's thesis on the influenza pandemic of 1918 as seen at a Casualty Clearing Station in France, dated October 1918 and written based on his experiences serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps during the First World War, and a letter from Professor Kauffmann, Professor of Medicine at the University of Birmingham and likely to have been responsible for examining the thesis, to Dr Glynn, discussing the quality of the research, 1918. Finding No: USS89

Bradley, Joseph Arthur, 1899-1985, wireless operator and teacher: Copy of edited account of (Joseph) Arthur Bradley's service in the merchant navy during the First World War, taken from diaries he kept of his voyages and compiled by his son, John Bradley, with illustrations consisting of copies of photographs and of Bradley's discharge certificates and Merchant Marine War Medal. Finding No: USS107

Brailsford, Mary Joyce (1917-2008), BA Geography 1938, Dip in Ed 1939: course notes; dissertation; material relating to teaching training. Finding No: USS52

Brettell, Noel Harry, 1908-1991, BA Hons English 1930, Dip. Ed. 1934: Photographs of University of Birmingham Harriers team 1927-1928 and 1933-1934, both including N. H. Brettell, together with photocopied pages from a chapter of a memoir by N. H. Brettell entitled 'Sidegate and Stile', published in Zimbabwe in 1981, which discuss his cross country running and his studies at the University of Birmingham, including descriptions of his membership of the University Harriers team, his English degree course, and his tutors including Annie E. Dodds, A. M. D. Hughes, and Ernest De Selincourt, 1927-1981. Finding No: USS125

Broad, (nee Hayes), Betty, 1924-2014, BA French 1945: Copies of photographs and ephemera relating to life as a student at University House and University of Birmingham, 1940s. Finding No: USS128

Brown, Audrey Kathleen, afterwards Court, BA Soc & Pol Sci 1936: medals; photograph; press cuttings; certificates; programmes and other material relating to her athletics career representing the University of Birmingham and British Universities including the International Student Games at Turin, 1933, Budapest, 1935 and Paris 1937. Finding No: USS22

Canby, Sheila, BSc Pure Science 1955, Cert in Ed 1956: printed materials; photographs and other papers. Finding No: USS24

Cargill, James Donald (b.1940), chemical engineer: Black and white photographs of University Carnival floats in Birmingham city centre, and one photograph of the 'stage staff' float being built, 1959. Finding No: USS60

Checkland, Sydney George (1916-1986), B Com 1941: diaries 1938-41; notes relating to course on Commercial Law; printed materials; diaries of his wife to be, Olive Anthony (Chairman of the Geographical Society, 1940/41), 1938-42. Finding No: USS25

Childs, Eric (b 1915), BSc Mathematics, 1934, Dip in Ed 1935: work books and examination papers relating to undergraduate courses in Mathematics at the University and to his education in Mathematics at Dudley Grammar School. Finding No: USS28

Chowcat, Hazel (b.1950), trade union worker, teacher: Papers consisting of course handouts and circulars issued to postgraduate members of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies during her time as a PhD student there in the late 1970s, including papers setting out and discussing the Centre's aims and work during that period and papers and presentations produced by ‘sub groups’ of the Centre, 1977-1980. Finding No: USS78

Clapham, Charles Frederick (fl 1890s): Hardbound copy of Karl Dammann Memorial Prize Essay entitled 'Wagner u. Morris' Gestalten von der Nibilungen Sage mit ihren Quellen Verglichen', handwritten in German, 1892. Finding No: USS117

Collinson, Harry Bernard, (b 1903), BSc Hons Geology, 1927, Dip in Ed 1928: testimonials; photographs and postcards; papers and printed materials relating to Chancellor's Hall and Chancellors Hall Association; printed proceedings of degree congregations; University lapel badge. Finding No: USS44

Critcher, Charles, sociologist: Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies publications and other typescript or printed works, several of which include articles or papers written by Chas Critcher during the time he was a student at the Centre, 1970s-1981. Finding No: USS80

Curry, Linda: photocopy of MA thesis entitled 'Henry Reed: A Critical Edition of Selected Letters', 1997. Finding No: USS96

Dalton, John (1949-2013), writer and teacher: Papers largely consisting of course notes and research notes generated by John Dalton as MA student in the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies including MA course materials and research notes, 1980s. Finding No: USS72

Davies, Malcolm: Photocopies of letters written to his parents during his first two years as a Law student at the University of Birmingham, 1961-1963. Finding No: USS103

Davis, William Roland, c.1920-2003, BSc Chemistry 1949: Additional papers consisting of Chemistry exercise books; photographs of students taking part in Carnival events 1948; and correspondence concerning Davis’ examination and degree results, 1947-1949. Finding No: USS71

Dearnley, Edith, (fl 1904-31), BA 1907: testimonials, including letters from members of the academic staff at the University; papers relating to her teaching career; papers relating to her graduation including group photograph; copy of her parents' marriage certificate. Finding No: USS43

Dillon, John, (fl 1966-69) BSc Hon Chemistry, 1969: examination answer books in physics and mathematics; miscellaneous papers relating to the Newman Catholic Society and Guild of Undergraduates. Finding No: USS42

Dougall, Archibald: Essay on the geology of the Birmingham district, written for Professor Lapworth's geology class at Mason Science College, 1896. Finding No: USS65

Evans, Doreen: Photocopy of letter to Doreen Evans from Geoffrey Parkes, October 1939, describing the atmosphere at the University of Birmingham, the impact of the outbreak of war on his studies in metallurgy, and on his social activities. Finding No: USS106

Fairbank, Laurence Haydn (b 1925), BSc Metallurgy: personal papers; printed materials relating to the University collected by him 1950s-1970s. Finding No: USS46

Faulkener, Irvine John, BSc Chemistry, 1923: account of a picnic to Clent by Chemistry students in June 1922. Finding No: USS15

Finn, Dan: Research papers on educational policy, skills, education and training for young people produced by the Education sub-group during Dan Finn's time as a postgraduate student at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies during the late 1970s, together with copies of publications written with other members of the Centre, 1970s-1990. Finding No: USS83

Frew, Sheila Allison, BSc Zoology, 1924: Certificate of degree. Finding No: USS38

Fuirer, Michele, MPhil, Cultural Studies, 1989; artist educator: papers generated by the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies and used by Michele Fuirer during her time as an M. Phil student at the Centre, 1985-1989. Finding No: USS122

German, Grace Pauline (b 1922), BA English 1943: fire-guard rota of women students for the week ending 31 October 1942. Finding No: USS27

Godsell, Alice Tudor, BSc Chemistry, 1925: certificate of degree. Finding No: USS20

Graham (nee Smart), Pauline: Papers relating to University of Birmingham Carnival Revue, 1936, and to other dramatic and musical performances at the University of Birmingham 1930s, and at Leicester Little Theatre, 1940s. Finding No: USS123

Grant, Neil: Copy of play 'Vote for Them' by David Edgar and Neil Grant, published by BBC Publications, 1989, together with DVD copies of episodes 1-3 of 'Vote for Them' broadcast on BBC2, 1989, based on PhD thesis Grant studied for at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. Finding No: USS73

Grocott, Fred: Papers of the Guild of Graduates and of local branches, particularly the Midland Branch but also of other regional groups, 1950s-1990s. Finding No: USS97

Hall, Isobel Norah, BSc Zoology 1943, Dip. in Ed. 1944: miscellaneous receipts; photograph; Christmas card. Finding No: USS2

Hansen, Leif: Papers collected and used by Leif Hansen during his time at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham between 1983 and 1984. Finding No: USS105

Hatfield, John Adams: Answers to questions on the subject of local geology, written for Professor Lapworth at Mason Science College, 1890. Finding No: USS64

Henson, Horace (b 1903) BSc Hons Zoology, 1926, PhD Chemistry, 1931, DSc Zoology 1947: student notebooks. Finding No: USS47

Hobson, Dorothy, lecturer in cultural studies and media: Papers consisting of coursework, research notes and typescript articles generated during Hobson's time as an undergraduate English student taking a course in the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies and as a postgraduate student at the Centre, 1970s-1980s. Finding No: USS74

Hopper, Peter Kemp Smith: Papers relating to the award of the Alexander Youngson prize to Peter Kemp Smith Hopper in 1947 including correspondence, bookplate, and copy of programme for prize distribution. Finding No: USS113

Humphries, Juliet Mary, BA 1960; Cert in Ed 1961: University of Birmingham Guild of Undergraduates diaries and membership cards of societies. Finding No: USS18

Hundy, Ivy Florence: Group photograph showing women students and staff probably studying for the Elementary School Teachers Certificate at the University of Birmingham, together with certificates awarded to Ivy Florence Hundy, including copy of University of Birmingham Elementary School Teacher's Certificate awarded in 1912. Finding No: USS114

Hutchinson, Hilda Eileen (1910-1997) afterwards Beech, BA French & Geography 1933: photographs; printed material relating to University House and University House Association; University gown, hat and scarf. Finding No: USS6

Jones, Bernard Dennis (1931-2009), BSc Chemical Engineering 1955, PhD 1959: Photographs, printed material, and ephemera. Finding No: USS56

Keatley, Mary Elizabeth (b.1910): Ephemera partly relating to Mary Elizabeth Keatley's time as a chemistry student at the University of Birmingham in the early 1930s, and partly dating from her later life as a schoolteacher. Finding No: USS88

Kelly, Thomas Herbert (1907-1999), economist: Photographs 1928-1930, and 1966, largely relating to Thomas Herbert Kelly's time as a Commerce student at the University of Birmingham. Finding No: USS70

Kenrick, Archibald (fl 1895-96): student notebooks relating to third year of study; engineering lecture and laboratory notes; machine design notes. Finding No: USS48

Kent, Paul Welbury (b 1923), BSc Chemistry, 1944, PhD 1946: papers relating to his time as a student, with a small amount of material relating to his period on the teaching/research staff, 1941-50. Finding No: USS8