Papers of former students, L-Z

These papers typically consist of course notes, essays and examination papers; correspondence; photographs and other material relating to individuals' time as students, and mostly relate to students who studied at the University during the first half of the twentieth century, although there are also papers of some later students, and a small amount of material relating to Mason College students.

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Laing, Stuart (b. 1948), cultural theorist: Papers of and relating to the work of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies consisting of seminar papers and reports, 1970s-1980s. Finding
No: USS98

Law, John, BSc Physics, 1957: notes relating to lecture courses; copies of examination papers including class tests and course essays. Finding No: USS35

Linday, Elizabeth Bethell, MB, ChB, 1939: examination papers; proceedings at a congregation of the University of Birmingham; certificate of registration as a medical student. Finding No: USS16

Lloyds, Phoebe Ann, (b 1929), BA Hons History, 1951: examination papers; Guild of Undergraduates printed material; press cutting relating to degree congregations. Finding No: USS40

Lyons, John Vianney (b 1925), BSc Metallurgy, 1946, PhD 1949: photographs; badge; other papers. Finding No: USS9

Long, Paul, cultural and media historian: Essays submitted as part of the requirements for the taught MA programme in the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham in the late 1990s, with comments in the margins probably made by Michael Green, the course tutor. Finding No: USS77

Mackenzie, Gladys Ada (1903-1998), BA English, 1924, MA 1926: lecture notes; notes on texts; draft of MA thesis on Coleridge; essays and other notes. Finding No: USS5

Manton, Arthur Woodroffe: Essay on the geology of the Birmingham district, written for Professor Lapworth’s geology class at Mason Science College, 1884. Finding No: USS63

Maudsley, Ronald Harding (b 1918), LLB,1939: airgraph from Professor C. Smalley-Baker while on active service. Finding No: USS19

McLennan, Gregor, social theorist: Papers of and relating to the work of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, 1970s. Finding No: USS102

Mendelsohn, Janet: Photographs taken by Janet Mendelsohn as a postgraduate student at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, 1966-1968, in the Balsall Heath area of Birmingham, together with transcripts of interviews with photograph subjects, and other associated papers. Finding No: USS100

Mills, Margaret (Peggy) (nee Rowley), d.2008: Photographs of consultants at Birmingham hospitals, taken on ward rounds and lectures by David Wyndram, 1937-1938, and passed to Peggy Rowley, a medical student at the University of Birmingham.Finding No: USS126

Moore, Herbert Melville, BA French, 1931: essays and other working papers. Finding No: USS1

Morrison, John William, BSc Civil Engineering, 1949: notebooks; typescript of reports and papers written; notes relating to geology fieldwork excursions; other papers. Finding No: USS29

Naden, Constance (1858-1889), poet and philosopher: Three manuscript notebooks containing handwritten poetry and writings by Constance Naden, 1870s. Finding No: USS115

Newth, Frederick Howard, BSc Chemistry, 1944 ; PhD, 1946: notebooks relating to undergraduate courses in Chemistry and Botany. Finding No: USS34

Nicholls, Barbara: papers generated by the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies including Media Sub-Group papers and presentations; course notes; copies of examination papers for the MA in Cultural Studies, 1970s. Finding No: USS94

Nicholls, George Herbert (b 1916), BSc Civil Engineering, 1941: photocopy of typescript reminiscences of service with the Royal Engineers in the Second World War (1999). Finding No: USS13

O’Rourke, Rebecca: Papers largely consisting of course handouts and research notes made as a postgraduate student at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies from 1976 but also teaching materials and research notes relating to feminist history and women's writing courses run by the University of Birmingham Department of Extra Mural Studies, and papers of other groups including the Marxist-Feminist Literature Collective, Women's Liberation groups in Birmingham, and the Women and Writing newsletter and other women's writing workshops, 1970s-1980s. Finding No: USS86

Oram, Augustus Clive (b.1907), brewer: Photographs, printed material and ephemera. Finding No: USS58

Palmer, Gwilym: Photographs, degree certificates, and personal items of Gwilym Palmer and June Sanders as students at the University of Birmingham, 1940s. Finding No: USS101

Pomfret, Margaret (1931-2008), BSc Mathematics 1953: course notebooks; examination papers; material relating to the Mathematical Society; photographs; textiles including University blazer, scarf, tie pin, cap, hood and gown. Finding No: USS51

Pontifex, Ralph (1910-1978): Papers of University of Birmingham Guild of Graduates and Commerce Graduates Association 1940s-1960s together with ephemera relating to the University of Birmingham. Finding No: USS99

Pringle, Ashley, MA Cultural Studies 1973: Miscellaneous papers consisting primarily of copies of articles and working papers written by members of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham, but also including a pamphlet about the work of the action centre at Forty Hall Road, run by University of Birmingham graduates, 1966-1971. Finding No: USS127

Raine, Thomas Lancelot, 1921-2016, BSc Chemistry 1941, MSc Chemistry 1948: Photographs of residents at Chancellor’s Hall, University of Birmingham First Hockey Team 1940-1941, and Chemical Engineering Society 1948, 1940-1948. Finding No:  USS129

Reed, Henry (1914-1986): typescript copy of MA thesis entitled 'Early Life and Works of Thomas Hardy 1840-1878', 1936. Finding No: USS95

Rogers, Richard Pendleton (1944-2001), Film Producer: photographs taken as a postgraduate student at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies between 1967 and 1968 as part of series entitled 'Frank Cook' and 'Birmingham Landscapes' printed digitally in 2015, together with digital copies of Rogers' contact sheets, and a DVD entitled 'Three Films' by Richard P. Rogers containing newly mastered versions of 'Quarry', 'Elephants' and '226-1690'. Finding No: USS121

Rollinson, William Watkins, BA History, 1928, Dip in Ed, 1929; MA 1930: photographs of the University's Cross Country team. Finding No:  USS36

Russell, Hazel Barbara: Hardbound copy of thesis entitled 'Tertullian's understanding of grace in relation to that of earlier Christian writers' submitted for MA in Theology. Finding No: USS112

Russell, Rosetta Sarah (1907-1994), BSc Chemistry, 1934: lecture, laboratory and other working notebooks; college blazer; dissecting instruments and microscope slides; print of pencil portrait of Professor W. N. Haworth. Finding No: USS3

Samson, George Wilfred (fl 1890s): Handwritten essay entitled 'The Religious Drama' entered for the Constance Naden medal, 1895. Finding No: USS119

Schofield, Matthew: Student papers including Chamberlain Hall JCR Freshers' Guide, 1996-1997; Chamberlain Hall handbook, 1996-1997, society membership cards, Guild of Students and Student Mentor Training certificates, 1996-2001. Finding No: USS85

Shannon, Roger (b.1952), film producer, Professor of Film: Papers relating to the activities of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies during the period Roger Shannon was a postgraduate student there. The papers largely comprise notes made during the academic session 1978-1979. Finding No: USS69

Sheasby, Hilda Mabel, BA 1908, Secondary Teachers' Diploma, 1909: examination, degree and diploma certificates. Finding No: USS17

Sheffield, Norma (b 1932): ephemera consisting of menus for undergraduate dinners and photograph of attendees at dinner, 1950s. Finding No: USS116

Simmonds, Joan (b.1929) BA English with French, 1951: ephemera and photograph relating to Joan Simmonds (nee Challender) and her studies at the University of Birmingham 1948-1951, together with typed reminiscences written by Joan Simmonds, 2016. Finding No: USS120

Simmons, John Simon Gabriel (b 1915), BA 1937: typescript of Baxter local history and archaeology prize essay 'The medieval alabaster effigy makers and Midland examples of their work', 1938, with manuscript notes, photographic negatives and correspondence. Finding No: USS10

Simpson, Oswald John Hugh (b 1930), BSc Chemistry, 1933, Dip in Ed 1934: scrap album of captioned photographs; printed material relating to time at Hinckley Grammar School and at the University. Finding No: USS30

Smith, Alfred Percy (1890-1916), Captain, RAMC: Sporting medals and RAMC badges. Finding No: USS57

Stacey, Jackie, cultural theorist: Research material for PhD thesis on cinema audiences 'Star gazing: Hollywood cinema and female spectatorship in 1940s and 1950s Britain' undertaken at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, consisting largely of research data gathered in the form of completed questionnaires and correspondence between Stacey and respondents approached through the magazine 'Woman's Realm' and 'Woman's Weekly' in the autumn of 1989. Finding No: USS75

Stanbury, Florence Annie, BSc 1927, MSc 1930: correspondence relating to proposed research for MSc thesis. Finding No: USS4

Stokes, Jennifer (b.1952), psychotherapist; actor: Typed transcript of oral history interview focusing on her time as a Social Science student at the University of Birmingham between 1970 and 1973. Finding No: USS76

Taylor, Samuel Sorby Brittain, BA French, 1952, PhD 1957: University cross country vest; Chad Hall postgraduate hostel tie. Finding No: USS11

Tooth, Albert Edward (b.1905), librarian: Examination, degree and diploma certificates, and Constance Naden memorial prize medal, 1926-1933. Finding No: USS61

Treadgold, Marjorie, BSc Chemistry, 1930; MSc 1931: examination papers including completed and marked answer books; photographs; printed materials. Finding No: USS23

Turton, Lilian May, BSc Chemistry, 1942; PhD 1945: notebook relating to experiments undertaken in the Mining Department. Finding No: USS32

Twigg, Elinor: Essay on the geology of the Birmingham district, written for Professor Lapworth’s geology class at Mason Science College, 1894. Finding No: USS62

Tyrrell, Chris (b. 1947), BSc & BComm Double Hons 1969; Secretary of the Guild of Students: papers primarily relating to the student protest at the University of Birmingham in November and December 1968 but including other material relating to events organised by student societies at the University of Birmingham 1965-1966, and to student activism and university reform 1969-1972. Finding No: USS39

Wallace, Paul: Photocopy of reflections by Paul Wallace on his time as a postgraduate student at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham in the 1970s, written in the form of a letter. Finding No: USS104

Wengraf, Tom: Files comprising course notes made by Tom Wengraf during his time as an MA student at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies 1978-1979 for the History part of the course and particularly the Socialism and Feminism block consisting of notes on socialist theory and the ideology of Edward Carpenter and William Morris, and suffragism and suffragettes; notes made during participation in the work of the State sub-group, and typescript papers on the New Left Review, 1978-1979. Finding No: USS84

West, Mary Letitia (b 1904) afterwards Irish, BA 1925, Dip in Ed 1926: examination papers; degree congregation programme; essay for Diploma in Education; photograph of field day. Finding No: USS7

Whetstone, Marjorie (b 1917), BSc Botany 1938: dissertation; Degree Congregation programme; photograph of Marjorie Whetstone in academic gown and hood; other course material. Finding No: USS53

White, Annie Katherine (fl 1890s): Two essays, handwritten in German, consisting of essay entitled 'Der Anteil de Frauen an der Literatur Deutschlands' which won the Karl Dammann memorial prize in 1897, and an essay entitled 'Der Einfluss der deutschen Literatur auf Longfellow', 1897. Finding No: USS118

White, Daisy Irene (fl 1914-16): teaching certificate issued on completion of training at the University of Birmingham Elementary Training Department. Finding No: USS31

Williams, David W. B.: notebook relating to a non-degree course run by the Engineering Department for Royal Engineer cadets. Finding No: USS33

Willis, Paul (b. 1945) cultural theorist: Research and teaching papers of Paul Willis, together with papers relating to the wider work of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. Papers primarily date from the period 1969-1976, but there is also a small amount of material dating from the mid 1980s which relates to Willis' role as youth policy advisor for Wolverhampton Borough Council, 1969-1985. Finding No: USS91

Woodbine, Philip: Papers relating to the 1954 Guild of Undergraduates Carnival, kept by Philip Woodbine who was a member of the Carnival committee that year, with responsibility for the car competition run as part of the fund raising events. Finding No: USS110

Wright, Frank (fl.1896-1932): Student papers comprising photographs of Birmingham University Dominies Football Club Second XI, for the season 1906-1907, and First XI for the season 1907-1908; official programme to mark the visit of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra to open the new university buildings at Edbgaston, 7 July 1909; Mermaid souvenir issue 7 July 1909 (Acc.2010/16).  Finding No: USS54