Apply to FENAC

FENAC supports researchers in environmental and ecotoxicological studies within the UK with multi-method characterisation of nanomaterials.

If you want to apply to FENAC we will offer:

  • Support and advice as you prepare a proposal
  • Guidance on your experimental design
  • Access to cutting-edge analysis techniques at FENAC
  • Expertise in characterisation techniques and data interpretation
  • One to one training in analysis and characterisation for nanomaterials under various conditions including  environmentally realistic conditions, complex biological media or environmental media
  • The opportunity to discuss the results you have generated at FENAC or elsewhere with someone experienced in various techniques 

Access: Research access for universities and research institutes is funded by NERC, and competitive applications are assessed twice yearly. The projects must fall within the NERC remit. Academics and Commercial clients whose research falls outside the NERC remit can purchase access to the FENAC facilities.

Make an application

An application form for FENAC services (Word doc 147KB) is available for download.
Please also see guidance notes (PDF 13KB) on completing an application. 

Completed application forms should be sent by email to

Closing date for applications is Friday 24 May2019.

Please note: Before submitting their application form, applicants are advised to contact Professor Eugenia Valsami-Jones in advance to discuss technical or feasibility issues. Ideally this should be at least 1 month before the submission date.