Activities to Try at Home

Browse through our selection of activities to try at home and be inspired to create, learn and investigate the geological world.

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10 Activities to Try at Home

Below are 10 activities which can be done at home without many of resources. The ideas cover a huge variety of topics; Geography, History, Engineering, English so there should be something in there for everyone!

Download the document here: 10 Activity ideas to try at home (PDF 134 KB)

10 Activity Ideas to Try At Home

Peg Pterosaur Instructions

These instructions will allow you to create your very own Pterosaur, the rulers of the Jurassic skies!

 Download the document here: Peg Pterosaur Instructions (PDF 862KB)

Peg Pterosaur 1

Peg Pterosaur 2

Erupting Volcano

Have a go at creating your very own erupting volcano using items found around your home!

Download the document here: Exploding Volcano Instructions (PDF 958KB)

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Colouring Sheets

We have a selection of colouring sheets which are unique to the Lapworth Museum of Geology, designed by palaeoartist Julian Kiely. These colouring sheets are often also available in the Education Room at the museum during the weekends.

 Download our Arthropleura colouring sheet (PDF 523KB)

Download our Fighting Dinosaurs colouring sheet (PDF 523KB)

Download our Dimorphodon colouring sheet (PDF 3.3Mb)

Download our Tyrannosaurus colouring sheet (PDF 3.25Mb)


Below are a selection of downloadable wordsearches. These are often available at the museum during weekends.

Dinosaur wordsearch (PDF 138KB)

Geology wordsearch (PDF 137KB)

Jurassic wordsearch (PDF 137KB)

Minerals wordsearch (PDF 137KB)


If you have any questions, queries or ideas for future resources, please contact a member of our learning team:

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