Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre

Providing training to empower the next generation of metabolomics researchers


The Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre provides training to the metabolomics community in both analytical and computational methods.

The training centre partners the Phenome Centre Birmingham to provide vocational training courses in clinical metabolomics.

A combination of both face-to-face and online courses are provided, all of which can be found on our Course List page.


Delivering a range of metabolomics courses, from introductory online sessions to advanced hands-on workshops

Our Alumni

We are proud to deliver our courses to a diverse range of scientists, and have provided metabolomics training to scientists from:

  • over 240 different organisations,
  • from 46 different countries,
  • spanning Academia, Industry, Government and NGO's.


Developing high-quality metabolomics training in association with academic, industry and funding organisations

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