BMTC Team Profiles

Meet the team providing training to empower the next generation of metabolomics researchers

Warwick Dunn 

Professor Warwick Dunn

Professor of Analytical and Clinical Metabolomics
Director of Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre
Director of Mass Spectrometry, Phenome Centre Birmingham

Professor Warwick (Rick) Dunn’s research group focuses on developing innovative chromatography, mass spectrometry, sample collection and computational resources and their application in the study of the complex role of metabolites in human ageing and diseases. Areas of biomedical study include endocrinology, inflammation and immunology including musculoskeletal health, cardio-renal diseases and complications of reproduction and pregnancy.

More information on Rick's profile page.

Mark Viant

Professor Mark Viant

Professor of Metabolomics
Executive Director of Phenome Centre Birmingham

Professor Mark Viant’s expertise lies in the field of metabolomics. His research spans from method development in analytical chemistry and bioinformatics through to the application of metabolomics to environmental toxicology.

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Ralf Weber 2

Dr Ralf Weber

Director of Bioinformatics, Phenome Centre Birmingham

Dr Ralf Weber is a bioinformatician who specialises in developing and applying data processing, biostatistics and data mining tools to derive clear biochemical interpretations of clinical and environmental metabolomics data.

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Cate Winder v2

Dr Catherine Winder

Operations Manager for Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre & Phenome Centre Birmingham
Cate is a biologist, interested in the application of bio-analytical techniques to study biological systems. She specialises in the application of metabolomics to study microorganisms in biotechnology and systems biology approaches.

Mr David Epps

Project Manager for Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre & Phenome Centre Birmingham

David Epps works alongside the metabolomics training team providing day-to-day administrative support. David deals with logistics, information, marketing, booking support, billing, customer feedback and ensuring that Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre clients have the best possible experience on our workshops and courses.