C-LINK Workshops

Three workshops were delivered during the project, and were run in parallel to the research projects. Attendees included academic network members and practitioner partners, and discussions focused on the progress of the research projects and the on-going development of the network.

  • Workshop 1 - October 2013
  • Workshop 2 - June 2014
  • Workshop 3 - December 2015

The first workshop focused on setting out the aims of the project and building relationships between network members. The second workshop updated members on progress and included discussions about the next phase of the project. In the third and final workshop network members presented their final analyses from the two C-LINK research projects, and discussed research strategies moving forward. Throughout these workshops, practice issues were discussed. Practitioners were able to share how they conduct crime linkage in their respective countries, information which was of great value to both the academic and practitioner members in attendance.

Unique to C-LINK is the manner in which practitioners and academics were able to collaborate on the research projects. In this way, the research produced was able to address issues of ecological validity in previous research.