Meetings and events


Gene-Regulatory Systems in Development 27th-30th March 2017

Registration is now open for our international joint conference with another Marie Sklodowska Curie network coordinated by Gert Jan Veenstra called DevComm. The venue will be the Parador de Carmona, Carmona, Spain and the confirmed dates are 27th March-30th March 2017. Please follow this link for more information and registration.

 ZENCODE DevCom_Poster_SH4 final2

Consortium Formation Meeting - Imperial College London, December 2014

Consortium Formation Meeting

What was discussed...

1. Annotation technologies

2. Data processing and sharing

3. Visualization

4. Networking

5. Consortium organisation

6. Execution and tasks

7. Publicity

What was agreed

  • Level I. Generation of a track hub linked to browsers (end of 2015)
    all published data zebrafish genomics / epigenomics
    without quality filtering and for immediate access.
  • Level II. Filter and reanalyze the available datasets (2016)
    - new biological observations of publishable quality.
    - a major multi-centre genomics paper 
  • Level III. To share unpublished data (future is bright)
    - coordinated generation of new datasets
    - scale up