Professor Eugenia Valsami-Jones

Eva Valsami-JonesEugenia Valsami-Jones is Professor of Geosystems Nanoscience at Birmingham University. Prior to this position, she was an Individual Merit Researcher at the Natural History Museum of London. Her research interests focus on understanding the mechanisms involved in the reactivity and potential toxicity of nanomaterials and she has carried out studies in the environmental behaviour of a variety of carbon- and metal-based nano-objects and their interactions with biota.

Professor Valsami-Jones research interest include: 

  • Nanoparticle reactivity and toxicity 
  • Mineral stability in environmental systems 
  • Minerals as hosts of pollutants 
  • Bacterial weathering of minerals 
  • Biomineralisation, particularly of bone and teeth 
  • Environmental mineralogy and geochemisty