Industry-Academia Collaboration

Staff and student exchanges are designed to enhance industry-academia cooperation in terms of research training, career development and knowledge sharing, in particular with SMEs, and including traditional manufacturing industries. It is based on longer term cooperation programmes with a high potential for increasing mutual understanding of the different cultural settings and skill requirements of both the industrial and academic sectors. The IAPP action supports the 'Innovation Union' flagship initiative by strengthening research and business performance and by promoting innovation and knowledge transfer throughout the EU. Stronger cooperation between universities and business via staff exchange will encourage entrepreneurship and help to turn creative ideas into innovative products and processes that can efficiently address European and global societal challenges.



We are developing a new teaching programme and dedicated resources in NewGenSOFC, to support training related to fuel cell technology development and application.  The programme focuses on the materials used in the development, manufacture and optimisation of fuel cells being built today.

Our teaching focus is to develop internet enabled learning, teaching, curricula and resources to support industry.  Using the University of Birmingham internet platform, we will deliver industry facing training on how to build a fuel cell and state-of-the-art fuel cell demonstrations around the world.  This will be through a MSc Module, with the option for CPD conversion, delivery overseas and international equivalency for overseas based students.

Our programme aims to support international students in academia and industry to develop and improve fuel cell materials and systems for sustainable energy.