Andrea Cabbia


Research Subject: Ageing and lifestyle impact on skeletal muscle function

Beneficiary:  Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TUE)

Supervisory Team: Prof. Natal van Riel and Prof. Peter Hilbers

PhD Update: Continuing into 4th year


Andrea Cabbia graduated in Biotechnologies at the University of Padova (ITA) (BSc) and specialised in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies at the University of Bologna (ITA) (MSc).  He has a strong background in biochemistry, molecular biology and immunology.

Recently, his concurrent interest in computer sciences has brought him towards the fields of metabolic modelling and data science.  During his Masters final project he had the opportunity to train  in the concepts of genome-scale metabolic modelling and learn about machine learning and other techniques of modern data analysis.

His PANINI research is about developing a computational model of the metabolism of the human skeletal muscle, and use it to organize and analyze a wide range of different biological data to gain insights on the changes that occur in muscular tissue during aging.





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